Conclusion of 40 day affirmations for emunah building – the beginning of wisdom is awe of Hashem and how He has created us and the world

The work we have done from 17 of Tammuz to today, almost 6 months, has hopefully brought us to open up the possibility that intellect above native intellect is the beginning of wisdom, that having awe in how Hashem has created us and the world .
The affirmations of Torah to build us in menuchas hanefesh along with the readings of nefesh hachaim, getting to know your inner world, and service of the heart on tefilla will hopefully help us comprehend more and more about intellect based in Torah and how to channel the light from within our nefesh to strengthen our ability to withstand tests and instead reflect 13 attributes of mercy into the world.
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Please also share  which is for men and women to learnTorah relevant to strengthening and growing in the trait of watchfulness, guarding our souls,

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