The Beginning of Wisdom is Awe of Hashem

The beginning of wisdom is awe of Hashem – good understanding to all their practitioners; His praise endures forever. Blessed is the Name of His glorious kingdom forever and ever.
This is the second thing we say in the morning, after mode ani, thank you for returning my soul to me with compassion, abundant is Your faithfulness.

Blessed is the name of His glorious kingdom is also the second line of the Shema.
Adom, was formed from the land, from the dirt, from the elements that compose all the universe, the foundations of the world, solid, earth, liquid, water, wind, air, and radioactive, fire. Into this molded form, Hashem breathes a soul. The word breathe is nishama, the same as neshama. The soul that is breathed into us is fashioned in the image of Hashem’s 13 attributes of mercy. The body that is formed from the earth is fashioned from the utterances that give a distinct shape and appearance and functioning yet are rooted in Hashem Who conceals Himself in the matter that serves as a shell over His Presence. A being that is a soul and a body with free will and the creative gift of speech is empowered to bridle the hidden strength of every atom in our physical existence to the 13 attributes of mercy in order that our being be harnessed as Hashem’s servant in time and space.

This includes every ounce of motivation triggered by our native intellect. The native intellect is born in time and space, grows in time and space, trusts in its capabilities to dominate time and space and survive. Yet ultimately there is an inherent flaw that native intellect has – it believes it is autonomous and independent and totally self-determining. While we do have free will to choose who we are, ultimately we face the truth that there is something beyond us that determines our success. We may call it fate, or chance or luck. But if we are willing to do the repair that we were sent here to do, inevitably we come to understand the mission is NOT to compete with each other, NOT to subjugate and dominate each other, but rather to yearn to the One Who is in Power that our urges in these matters once again revert to nothingness as they were before Adom sinned, accepting with love in our hearts Hashem’s Omniscience.

The beginning of wisdom is awe of Hashem. In every moment that our egos are offended, instead of restoring ourselves with cynical remarks, comic relief, or any other coping mechanism designed to strengthen our resolve to do Hashem’s will, lift up our native intellect by opening up our imagination to yearning in the moment for Hashem. All we want is You Hashem, we don’t want anything else. We don’t want all this separation. We don’t want all these lust and passions that control us. We don’t want all these aveiras. We only want You. We appreciate being made in Your image and wish only for all our physical being to reflect You. By virtue of arousing love for You and with awe that in this moment yearning only for You somehow completes my soul correction, please remold all the life force of native intellect to strengthen the channels within me to reflect You into my speech and deeds. Imagine the light we could produce if each time our ego was affronted we move above native intellect and yearn for Hashem’s attributes of mercy to flow through us because OUT OF LOVE FOR HASHEM AND AWE IN HOW HE HAS CREATED THE WORLD WE ACCEPT AND RECOGNIZE OUR ROLE IN UNIFYING THE ENERGIES STIMULATED THROUGH OUR BODIES AND EGOS WITH THE BREATH WITH WHICH HE CONSTANTLY EXTENDS LIFE TO US, PATIENTLY WAITING FOR US TO BE MESIRAS NEFESH OUR SELF-AWARE GOALS IN FAVOR OF SAYING HASHEM ECHAD..

The more we kick and scream and defend our rights even according to Torah, the more we insulate ourselves from really identifying the purpose of our life and the work of our individual soul corrections. If we are ever going to accomplish what we were sent here to do, choosing to accept at least in principle this mission and yearning to move into that space is a start. In this way, we gain a role above native intellect and responding within its messages in order that we hear a higher message dropping in from a part of our soul that did not develop in time and space but rather extends from this world to the
Throne of Glory.

The soul of a person is the deepest thing in the world. Let us strive to at least yearn for it to heal us and help us bring merit and blessings to our families and the world.

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