How to tie the enumah into opportunity in the moment


After the recording we said that if we try to look at our native intellect from within the native intellect, we head towards destruction.  We can instead realize we have confusion of mind in that moment which means we choose to emulate Hashem who us patient with us in our struggle, bearing the burden of our own confusion of mind.  From THAT place of consciousness oriented toward serving Hashem and doing a rectification, we can observe the native intellect.

We also said the stronger the protests of the native intellect, the more of our soul is bound up with a corrupted thought. It may be telling us not to trust anything but it  Peoiple who have undergone abuse or emotional trauma are more likely to have more of their soul invested on trusting the native intellect however it has figured out to survive.  Nevertheless, all of that light CAN instead bring healing to a person simply by permitting higher consciousness to see what needs to be rectified through free willed choice and prayer.  Who will run our hearts, native intellect?  The stronger what we have to overcome in native intellect, the stronger the vessel to lead Hashem’s Torah and 13 attributes through the taivas and gaivas into time and space.

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