Overcome earthiness of native intellect to free consciousness for rectifications based on Torah – free will and prayer are the tools

Redeem the “land”  which is broadcast in the media and from the mouths of our enemies can be a cry demanding that mankind redeem our bodies in time and space from running according to native intellect. Adom is drawn from the land.  Hashem’s Name, Torah, Eretz Yisrael and the soul of Nishmas Am Yisrael are One.  Instead of native intellect running us, we are to free ourselves from that slavery and have Torah and the intellect from Torah be the source for our emotions and deeds, with our emunah and subjective gifts of our soul leading Hashem’s Torah and attributes as imprints upon time and space.

When our native intellect invades our davening, when our mind runs towards the physical realities in time and space, we can see how our earthly existence feels like a priority.  The more solid our belief that what we have to go to is pressing and important enough to permit its thoughts into our minds interfering with our love of Hashem and desire to connect for a moment as a soul with its Creator, the more of our soul becomes trapped in those beliefs.  It begins to feel like “the real me” when in fact, what Hashem creates is our soul and what we are feeling, although our very lives, is the shell giving us opportunity in time and space to serve as the channel leading Hashem into our hearts, speech and deeds.

Which will remain dominant over our hearts, native intellect or intellect from Torah?

When we experience the feelings associates naturally with native intellect, that is our earthiness.  All of its messages are coming from our physicality and our logic and reasoning.  Some of it is meritorious.  But approaching our native intellect only from within native intellect eventually brings us to destruction because the body and earthiness are not truly autonomous independent creations.  They are individual unique shells given the strength to reveal or not to reveal the talents and gifts built into us from the deepest places within, our higher soul.  To access those talents and gifts and harness them to reveal the soul that is made in the image of Hashem’s 13 attributes of mercy, the native intellect must submit its strength and access to the body’s neurocircuitry to serving Hashem with all our heart, all our soul and all our might.  That is the Shema.  Each moment, we have this struggle.  Where do we view our moments from, within native intellect using native intellect or with conscious of native intellect scanning to see what rectification Hashem desires us to bring rectification to using the light we can release in teshuva redirected from the instincts triggered through native intellect to tolerating insults, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of confusion of mind, forgiving and casting sins into the sea.  If we want to grasp onto any hatred or any justification for holding negativity that the native intellect suggests, that too is light we can pray fervently to Hashem with yearning that the light instead be redirected into His Service.

All we want is Hashem in this world.  He is the only currency.  His Light fills everything.  We can no longer accept the slavery that the native intellect draws us to – that of living in time and space seeking goals that primarily speak to survival and avoiding fears of abandonment and annihilation.  Instead, we submit with love and awe that  what must happen for intellect to flow into the world that reflects Hashem is that WE must choose to send the native intellect’s draw, that energy, back to its mother, bina, imagination, freeing the Shechina from the darkness.  Then we can utilize the strength of all the light, that especially strong earthiness, to form ourselves into a beautiful polished shofar to breath through our speech and deeds Hashem’s light into the world.

The mitzvah of sending away the mother bird to keep its eggs comes to mind.  Send away the light trapping us in native intellect but refill it with the added light of tolerating insults, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of confusion of mind, forgiving and casting sins into the sea, thereby leading Hashem’s attributes of mercy into the world through the taivas and gaivas and making His Glory visible.  We are Nishmas Am Yisrael.  As long as we are alive, this is the role we are created for.  We can turn darkness into light by understanding that removing our native intellect unmasks the light and gives into our hands with Torah as our guide the role of tikun, of fixing, the consciousness that broke when Adom fell.

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