Integrating ideas – consciousness, free will, self-awareness, natural urges, Torah and happiness

Self-awareness and Torah are given to us in order for us to have the opportunity to choose with the real free will that consciousness presents to us to receive the immense pleasure inherent in doing mitzvahs.


In order to properly do the mitzvahs, our relationship with ourselves, others, and Hashem needs to become unmixed with the judgments and condemnations that lead us to blame, shame and condemn, which inherently have false components thereby placing us in the category of bearing false witness . Consciousness can be made more and more holy as we nullify the internal forces that attract us towards an indulgence of self-awareness as the source of happiness, generating thought speech and deed in violation of the ninth commandment, which commandment forbids us from bearing false witness against ourselves, others and Hashem. Instead Torah tells us to choose learning Torah and performing mitzvahs over the compelling natural urges that self-awareness is designed to draw our life force towards. We have real free will to choose who we are.


The happiness that self-awareness naturally seeks is not the same as the happiness that we can experience when in a conscious state of devekus, existing in a space aware of consciousness that we have self-awareness yet that self-awareness is there for the sole purpose of giving meaning to our free willed choice to acknowledge Hashem Echad, choosing to keep mitzvahs over the natural urges, out of free willed choice to recognize that His Glory is the only currency of value. Hashem alone is the cause of all and there is no other cause, despite His use of conduits and how that appears.

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