Faith and Divine Providence: Rabbi Chaim Friedlander shiur 2 given by Rabbi Z Manela Transcript 2

day 6 Oct 3 shiur 2 see
Chapter 4 Keilim Vessels
most people explain not because of their own merits but because of their indirect contribution as vessels for other servants of Hashem. We wll quote the Rambam from whom we can learn the scope of this concept. He writes in the introduction one could argue against what we say that Divine wisdom did not create anything for nothing, but everythiing has a purpose  Hashem to whom wisdom belongs and does everything with wisdom and it is inconceivable that He did anything without goal or purpose. And that of all the creatures lower than the moon, man is the most noble. furthermore man is the most important creature on earth and what is man’s puurpose in life? The purpose of man is to thank, in order that he should understand what his duty is in this world, which is to recognize the creator and His Greatness, to fear Him, to do His Will through study of Torah keeping mitzvahs and correcting character traits.

So why did Hashem create all those people who do not think about anything spiritual?  In fact we see that most humans lack the sophistication and are empty of wisdom. and instead they seek physical gratification. Should a wise man who shuns the worst temptations is one out of many.  Or is sometimes only one in a generation. Meaning this person who is the most noble creature in the world who fulfills his mission faithfully is often only one in several generations. yet there are billions of people who do not occupy themselves with Torah who do nothing to serve Hashe mor expand His Glory.  since Hashem creates everyting for a purpose, why were they created?

all people serve the tzaddik. the Rambam answers, the answer is, these people who do not serve Hashem were creted to serve that one tzaddik who does serve Hashem for if all people were to seek wisdom the process of sustaining the world efficiently would be ruined since there are many occupations like threshiing grinding baking that man absolutely needs for his sustenance. so when would he have time to learn and acquire wisdom?  therefore other people were created to perform these activities and all over the world the talmid chochom will find his needs prepared before him, the land would be settled and wisdom would flourish.  in other words if all people were occupied with wisdom the physcal world would become devastated and the chochcomim too would not survive because they would not have the basic provisions for sustaining their bodies, on the other hand if everyone worked the land, there would be no sages or tzaddikim in the world. therefore many people are needed to fulfill the roles enabling individuals in every generation to be free to occupy themselves in Torah and mitzvahs and increase the glory of Hashem that is the goal of creation.

Thus a muktitute of eople are needed so the tzaddk has his provisions.  the needs are all over the world. there is a need for countries with petroleum so they can provide lighting etcetera for hte sake of learning Torah the fulfillment of its mitzvahs. for this reason with all the inhabitants of the world, contribute in oone way or another so that those who study Torah can do so without distraction or disturbance.

if not for the insane, the world would remain desolate.  the rambam continues, how well put is the expression if not for the insane the world would remain desolate because there is no insanity like human insanity.  the rambam presents the pursuit of worldly possessions as an example of this insanity. many people spend years of their lives traveling all over the world endangering themselves in perilous jobs to amass wealth to build an ornate house that stands for many years. yet based on expected life span, a plain wooden house would suffice. is there a greater insanity than this?   and so all the pleasures of the world are totally folly and foolishness, yet these people cause the world’s development. on the one hand this proportionate occupation of people with the matters of this world in terms of time and mental and physcal energy that people invest is lunacy because the personal benefits from their efforts are so insignificant relative to the effort and anguish which they invest. therefore from the personal persepctive and certainly from a spiritual perspective this pursit is absolute insanity. yet most people pursue the pleasures of htis world because the world is filled with these lunatics, yet they are needed for the sustenance of the world.  the great effort which people expend in order to fulfill their missions bring much benefit to the development of the world and the provisions of the human races needs.

the fool receives wealth for the benefit of the tzaddik. and if someone would argue, do we not sometimes see a fool who calmly sits in this world without toil, while others work for him and carry out his business.  and in fact it is possible that this employee is a smart and wise man.  the rambams question is that from a superficial outlook it seems there are idiots and fools who have wealth and live in luxury and great tranquility who hardly toil at all, with hundreds of attendants who work for them in all their affairs and among them some who are much wiser and greater tzaddikim than they. it would appear that the fool is benefitting because it all seems to belong to him, to this he answers, the truth is not like it appears to the thinker. rather the fools produce and prepare the intended good for hte man who Hashem desires to give it to. Hashem gives the fool tranqylity and blessing so the tzaddik will receive benefit from him, but not for hte purpose of the fool hiimself.

the rambam  continues even though he rests with his amassed wealth or property, to build a mansion, kings and their sorts, it is possible that the mansion is designated for a certain righteous man who will come years later and take shelter saving him from death, as it is written we will prepare clothing and the righteous man will wear them. the fool that built and lives in the magnificent mansion prides himself in the mansion and convinces himself that he is a most important person. his proof is that he is the famous wealthy one. so he believes that Hashem gave hin all this wealth in his own merit but nothing could be further from the truth but he is only being used as a pawn. hashem gave hin the wealth to benefit the tzaddik. that benefit though small the mansion may last many years while the tzaddik may only use it for a short time. moreover the tzaddik might not enter the building, he night just rest in the shadow of the walls on his way in a heat wave and that justifiies the mansion and all the servants. it is possible the fool was given the money and if he were wise he would have invested his money and not wasted his weath on the mansion so that once in the future the tzaddik would take shelter in its shade. to illustrate the man ina magnificent air conditioned home while enjoying his pleasures. he looks out the window and sees a tzaddik in the scorching heat worn out, stopping to rest in the shadeof the mansion, now the wealthy man sees this and thinks I am importat and successful. that poor wayfarer is not important at all. but the truth is just the opposite. the tzaddik is the important mperson around whom the rich man resovles. the rich man is a vessel of the tzaddik. he received all his wealth for ht eone time benefit of hte tzaddik taking rest in the shade of the mansion.  at least one time the rich man contributes to the tzaddik, and for this reason the fool receives a wife and children and many servants sustained for the sake of the tzaddik.

many people exist for hte sake of one tzaddik. if we think about it we will realize that there are many people whose entire right to life is that some benefit will come about to the tzaddik to them. even if that benefit will not be innediate or direct. the rich home owner lives to build the mansion and his servants help him so he can build the mansion and maintain the building. all those with business connections to him or to whom he attained his wealth simply live for the tzaddik. all the construction workers, painters, plumbers, etc and in the widest scope all those who made it possible for these people to do their work, in all many exist for hte sake of the tzaddik. the rambam’s example of this, at first glance Hashem allows the great mansion to exist and gives life and food to so many people who are associatedw ith it just so one tzaddik on one day is spared suffering by its shade? the answer is yes fo rHashem is one and His possiblities and capabilities are unlimited. when a hyman wants to by something or satisfy his will, he has to think and weigh if he has enough money or energy to fulfill his needs. therefore what he does is linited..  we wonder how is so much extravagance possible for hte sake of one tzaddik. but there is no exprravagance here because everything belongs to hashem who has no limitations .it is worthwhile to Hashem to give life and sustain even an entre country and feed the entire world for the sake of one tzaddik who is the purpose of creation,.  Hashen would give life to many to build a mansion in whose shade a tzaddik will rest.

as explained above this is an extraordinary chesed for these people.

the nature of genreal prvidence according to the Rambam
in the words of the Rambam the nature of general providence is very clear. all those myriad people who took part in what eventually enabled the tzaddik to have shade on that burning day received all their necessities only because of general providence.  when there is a liberation in heaven concerning these people in case none of them are serving hashem and do not do His will they do not have the merit to exist withinn special individual providence.  that is, since they have no direct connetion to doing Hashem’s will, they have no merit as reward for good deeds. therefore their entire right is to be vessels or vessels for the benefit of the tzaddik. ordinary creatures and people do not have independent value. their importance arises from giving assistance to an oved, the onlyy creature with inherent value, and their level of importance is the degree they serve an oved Hashem. the more the oved Hashem uses them for the service of Hashem the more they are elevated and beocme important because that is how they reach the objective of their creaiton and that is their perfection as the rAmchal wrote in the mesillas yesharim: if a person controls himself and clings to His Creator and uses the world only to aid him in the service of the creator the world is uplifted for him. for all creatures are greatly uplifted and serve the perfect tzaddik. this is like what chochomim said in gemara, who knew that the stones that Yaakov put around his head, it teaches us that the stones gathered themselves into one spot and each one said let the righteous one lay his head upon me.  the stones, that is their spiritual roots, understood that the more they served a tzaddik, the more important they will be and being a headrest for Yaakov is a more important role than serving as a protection around him. therefore each one wanted to serve the tzaddik so it would be more elevated and important since its function would be to be an organ to serivng yaakov.  blessed is He whol created all these servings. and this is the concept of our sages explain in gemara brachas when the sage ben zomi used to stand on the steps at the temple Mount, and he would see the Jews coming up for the yom tov, and he would say, blessed is He who created all these because he was unique in his generation.  Rashi explains to serve me for they plow and plant and I find it already. ben zoma directly or indirectly benefited from all o fthen and because he was the gadol hador, the greatest of the generation, he provided thorugh his good deeds for all those multitudes to exist,, among these people who were individuals who fulfilled their mission through specific providence, serving Ben Zoma was additional because they all were created to serve Ben Zoma, the unique one of hte generation. so wehen he saw all of them he says blessed is He whol creates all these to serve me. the world was created for me. the above principles are included in the words of our sages. every truly Gdfearing person must say the world is created for me.  because Hashem craetaes the entire world so that a single servant of Hashem should have all his needs and in the merit of the service of Hashem Hashem sustains many creatures so they can serve hinm even one time, even in indirect way and after many exchanges. every gd serving individual must say that since each individual must do his utmost so that he too is a servant of Hashem for whom it is worthwhile to sustan and create an entire world.

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