Invitation to join our women’s work group

Happiness comes from learning Torah, praying fervently to Hashem and emulating His 13 Attributes of Mercy .  Sometimes our constricted feelings are strong and the goal of the Torah principles below is to help us build solid emunah that will lead us in the path we want to go at the time we need it the most.  Our emunah can escort the light concealed in the matter through rough waters and fires, taivas and gaivas, and our effort to do so is our akeidas Yitzchok.  The goal is for Hashem’s LIght and glory to be visible in time and space, something that only a being in time and space can do, reflect Hashem into this world.

Women are invited to join our work group.  www. The link to the full version of these Torah principles and how they will help us as affirmations is posted there.   To receive our emails, please send an email with the subject “joy” to



Ein od milvado – there is nothing in the world but Hashem


Man is made in the image of Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy


Free will: Everything is in the hands of Shamayim, except for Yir’as ” Berachos 33 (h) (R. Chanina)


Personal Prayer – the power of speech: Air (aleph, vav, vav, yud, raish) is light (aleph vav raish) plus two letters of Hashem’s Name yud and vav


“How long wilt thou conceal from me the light of the blessed En Sof, which pervades all the worlds; which was, is, and will be the same, including also this place where I stand, just as the light of blessed En Sof was alone before the world was created, without any change is  written, “for I , the Lord have not changed, for He transcends time..” Likutei Amarim Ch 29 p. 129


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