Faith and Divine Providence: Rabbi Chaim Friedlander given by Rabbi Z Manela Transcript 2

20 minute segment of shiur one, for  day 2, Sept 29 2014

The existence of every creature every minute is the result of a new direct impulse from Hashem in that instant, therefore when we say a table standing on its basis serving its function, we should not mistakenly think that it is standing on its own as a contiuation of its existence a minute ago.  for the truth is that this table exists now because this instant Hashem creates the table anew and He wants the table to exist. every moment He wills again as He wills it at the time of creation, Hashem recreates creation every moment. Wherever Hashem Your word stands firm in Heaven.  Our chochomim explicitly expounded this from the pasuk of tehillim, how forever Hashem your word, stands firm in  heaven. what word stands firm in heaven? Rather Hashem says on what thing does heaven stand?  on that which I said, let there be expansive midst of the water and it was so.  it says in tehilim, and it was so, as it is written, so He spoke and it came to be that same thing which He said is what He did. Therefore it is written and He commanded and it stood firm. and by the word of Hashem the heavens were made, and on that same word which He created them, they stand forever, therefore Your word stands firm in Heaven.  this is from medrash on sefer tehillim.

Let us explain the words of the medrash of Hashem Your words stand firm in heaven.  the word stand is in the present tense, Hashems word stands firm in heaven and all times forever, that is why chochomim ask what word stands in heaven? and they answered, rather said Hashem, on what does Heaven stand? on that which I said, let there be an expanse in the midst of the water and it was so.  what makes the heavens stand forever?  the word of Hashem which said let there be an expanse and it was so.

meaning that the will of Hashem that creates the sky expands in the first place. It is the same thing which acts and creates the heavens all the time, it is the reason why the heavens exist now is because Hashem wants the heavens to exist and wills it so at every moment. it is on this will that the day stands.

Our sages further explain that the saying is true of all the creatures.  And it is written for He spoke and it came to be that the same thing what He said came to be, meaning, Hashem said ten utterances through which He created the world. for example when He said  let there be light immediately there was light, Hashem’s will gives utterances the commandment that there be a creation and furthermore this command continues to operate every single instant so the world continues to exist.  therefore it is written He commanded and it stood firm.  A medrish continues, by the word of Hashem the heavens were made.  an expression of will, and by that same word we should create them and they stand forever. that same word which created is what constantly makes the heavens stand forever, therefore it is written, forever Hashem Your word stands in the heavens.

Sichu summary:  Hakodosh baruch Hu through His will Hashem activates all creatures from the smallest to the largest, so when we see a small fly move about, we should contemplate and realize Hashem is putting life into it and moving it right now. furthermore humans exist and act every minute only because Hashem continues to activate them each and every minute. Elokim the Master of all the forces refined as the Torah uses various terms to describe the almighty, since Hashem is not it is impossible to relate to him with a specific definite word; however chazal told us the concept that through your actions we recognize You. this makes it a mitzvah for us to relate to Him as we see His behavior pattern towards us and to give specific names to those behavior patterns, therefore the names the compassionate mercifucl master, slow to anger, Hashem is the master of war and others.

Even if it seems there are many active forces in the world, we must know that no force acts only Hashem activates them, as Chaim Volozhin wrote, and this is why He blesses His Name, called elokim, the master of all the forces, because every individual force that exists in any of the worlds, He is the master, every instance He infuses them with power and might, they are constantly dependent on His hand to be altered or arranged as He wishes. However He activates all the forces secretly, so then it is superficially appears that an individual force acts on its own.  we must reflect and realize in truth Hashem is the one who activates any given force. we watch the sun shine for the whole world, yet in our morning prayers, we praise Hashem that He illuminates the earth and those who dwell upon it. So Hashem is illuminating except He is doing it through a conduit called the sun, hence it is not the sun which shines, but Hashem through the sun.

Rabbi Dessler my teacher illustrated the concept thus as we find in the sefer Michtav Eliyahu, when we observe someone writing with a pen, we do not say the pen is writing and the person isn’t really guiding it. rather we say the person is writing with a pen.  we hardly notice the pen; the same is true of the shining sun.  Hashem wishes to conceal the fact that He is the one who illuminates the world, so we see the sun shining but we know in fact it is He who illuminates the world. even this illustration does not fully expres the relationship between Hashem and the conduits through which He acts, a human who wishes to write needs a pen in order to write but Hashem can illuinate directly without the conduit of the sun. all the above explains that it is incorrect to explain hashkacha klalis in the superficial way that others view it.  There is a suggestion that Hashem only acts on the small details in time when it relates to the Jewish people or tzaddikim, the hashkagacha klalis,that everything else is affected by Hashem in a general way, and we cannot say that during the six days of creation, Hashem creeated nature and all the physical laws of nature, but since then it all runs on its own.  and we cannot say Hashem deals with the details but only supervises in a general way to make sure there are no major alterations of the regular order of creation. the truth is as has been explained, that Hashem alone deals with and activates every single detail in the creation every single moment.

High above all nations is Hashem, above the heavens is His Glory, pasuk in sefer tehillim.  the malbim in his commentary to sefer tehillim presents the difference bewteen the idolatrous outlook and the Jewish outlook, and as the difference between these two hashkachas and he brings it down as follows:  these pasukim are about providence that Hashem supervises this lower world as opposed to the opinion of the nations that He gave over the administration of this world to the stellar system, high above all nations is Hashem, for in their opinion He raises HImself high and only above the heavens is His Glory. it does not befit  His Honor to supervise the lower level of creatures, according to their opinion, then, blessing and bounty come only from the stellar system and not from Hashem.  Here is another pasuk on tehillim the Malbim talks about:  who is like Hashem who bends down low to look upon the heavens and the earth? but we the children of Yisroel know and believe who is like hashem our Hashem,, who is enthroned on high but bends down low to look upon the heavens and the earth.  that is His greatness, it is so boundless and to Him there is no difference between Heaven and earth, for just as He sits high above the earth He sits even higher above the Heavens, and just as He looks down upon the earth so too He looks upon the heavens, for relative to His boundless greatness there is no difference between heaven and earth, it is impossible to say of Him that He is closer to the heavens than He is to the earth, it is impossible to say that He is closer to the heavens than He is to earth because He is equally distant from both of them, yet He activates both of them in equal detail.

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