Washing our tzelem elokim through choice and with emunah – with love and gratitude!

The more insights we can get into our mission – what we are here to shine and fix – the more the information below can be helpful in the moment in accomplishing that mission.  With understanding, we can make better choices on how to direct our intellect and will that can minimize the length of time we spin in our inevitable natural reactions such as feeling lack, fearing abandonment, fearing annihilation, anger, anxiety, hatred and more.  Hashem desires to have a relationship with a being capable of reflecting His 13 attributes of mercy yet having real free choice to do so.  He sets our free will point and gives us the power of creative speech along with the built in soul powers of will and emunah to reorganize with.

It is important to understand how through the mitzvah of knowing there is no other power we are empowered  to bring our competing wills from confusion of the way the world looks  to Hashem is One. Doing so is spiritually productive, yet the work is circular, meaning it will have to be repeated even with all the understanding and experience we have, because it is actual functionality for a tzelem elokim in a body, a constant avoda.

What happens when we are young forms impressions in our minds that last a lifetime. A young child experiences perceptions and the intellect of the child grasps those perceptions and serves as a garment over that perception through which the incident becomes an association and the immature inferior child-like understandings absorbed in the mind. A child’s intellect is developing from the animating natural animal soul. Thus what gets stored in our mind solidifies part of our tzelem elokim with basic elements that come from the coverings over the tzelem elokim, our bodies, which naturally have taiva and gaiva, desire and a sense of autonomous independent existence. These thoughts and impressions from childhood become the rough landscaping that we face as adults, our anxieties, our fears, what triggers our negative reactions and more.


It is helpful to understand that even though as adults our intellect may have matured to new understandings, and even though we may not be in touch with the anxieties as having formed from particular occurrences earlier in life, the rough landscaping of our lives can be looked at as these associations stored in the mind that can serve as the fossil fuel through which we can effect healing for ourselves and spiritual nourishment for the universe!


When we experience rough landscaping, and we take the time in verbal introspection to get more knowledge about what the association is, we may not be ale to extricate the association but we can change our relationship with it to one where it becomes a source of good that can even yield the pleasure of having triumphed tzelem elokim over its natural pulls.


Imagine a clump of dirt, and by way of metaphor let’s think of this clump of dirt as the collected events associated with the way our intellect enclothed our perceptions and stored them in the mind.

A clump of dried dirt looks hard but if we pour water over it, what happens? It loosens up! Chesed/Torah/ water are metaphorically related. With love for Hashem in our heart, we ask Hashem to please help us restore to our desires the understanding that He alone is the Source of all vitality and that we wish to remove any desires that are holding these associations together in a clump because of having been enclothed by the intellect of a child’s mind, a childlike intellect that only draws from the animalistic reactions to perceptions. As the associations begin to dissolve into the water of remembering Hashem is the source of all vitality, we may also experience the childlike reactions of lack for that desire, anger, fear, rebellion, desire for value. Fire/gevurah/arrogance/anger/fear are metaphorically related. When we identify that we have passion associated with childlike impressions based on desires from animalistic reactions, we gain the ability to do something that only those with a tzelem elokim can do, which is to triumph a choice to pray passionately to Hashem to do the work of the mitzvah that there is no other power, burning off the natural immature nature that is like brown mud over the Shechina in galus with the tzelem elokim trapped in our subconscious through our childhood and developmental experiences. We want that light to be able to flow together with Hashem’s revealed light, Hashem is One. We can make a choice to actively redirect our imagination based on the certainty that the only glory in the world is Hashem. We have no real glory. The real sense of autonomous separate existence is, from Hashem’s perspective, a huge paper tiger even though it feels like our life, our me. Hashem Who wants a relationship with us gives us real free willed choice to have awe in Him.  We have a choice.


We can choose to direct our intellect to attach imagination to tzelem elokim and free the passionate light animating the animalistic soul trapped in the associations. The colors of the rainbow when joined shine as  white light.   The colors of paint when mixed together form brown  the color of mud, of the earth. So too the light of our tzelem elokim that the intellect enclothed with the natural taintings of taivas and gaivas of childlike thinking is like mud in our brain that causes rough landscaping. We may not realize which of our early associations are generating our anxieties or even if we are, we may not realize that we are empowered in a real way to heal. Yet we can release what animates those early associations, the light within, and that brings white light instead of mud.


When we feel the radioactive passion in the form of anger, fear, judgment, hatred and that category of negative charged emotion, our intellect can instead choose to do something very special. We can use the intellect to bring our imagination to cling to reflecting Hashem’s 13 attributes of mercy. The process of exerting white fire will combined with the power of emunah built into the soul with the goal of emulating Hashem is like taking our tzelem elokim through a washing, releasing the natural elements of childlike understandings that are clinging to the tzelem elokim and then with passionate personal prayer asking for those same elements to become a beautiful glaze to help us strengthen our effort to shine Hashem’s light into the world.


Experiments regarding the burning of dirt:

!. metals can be melted out of special dirts called ores. Some ores need to be treated with chemicals to get the desired elements out. Some need to be heated and then the gasses released are condensed



2. it is possible to melt dirt (more correctly, the inorganic fraction of dirt, which might only be 70%). You will be left with a silica rich glass; which is what happened to the ground around underground atomic test sites.
3. There is also a process known as ‘in situ vitrification’; in which carbon electrodes and a strong electric current are used to melt and solidify the earth


4. if you heat wood; it will burn and produce carbon dioxide, with a small proportion of ash. However, if you heat wood in the absence of air, it will decompose, forming volatile organic materials (methane, tar and other organic materials); leaving behind the carbon. This is how charcoal is produced. Theoretically, the carbon could be heated, but it won’t melt. Instead, it will pass direct to the gasseous state at about 4 000 deg c.


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