Tool of submission separation and sweetening to help with creating an arousal from below

Rocky road happens triggering a natural negative reaction or survival instinct



Elements of natural existence touch and either captivate or try to captivate parts of the tzelem elokim, engaging it to serve the goals of the ego desires or for survival purposes, causing confusion, swirling emotions and/or bitterness


Know there is Hashem and that the Shechina along with a concealed strengthening ingredient for our tzelem elokim is in galus in that naturally occurring reaction.


Remembering that there is no other power and that we are in a place of limbo designed specifically for us to make a creative effort to serve Hashem. Instead of getting captivated in the natural occurrence, remember that the tzelem elokim has creative powers that through our choices can lead to becoming increased in our ability to reflect Hashem into the world and have more clarity and innate joy. Hashem is One and we are part of that. His is the only glory in the world and He glorifies us with a tzelem elokim to have a relationship with Him.



Activate love of Hashem and a desire to create a nourishment for the relationship, and have awe for Hashem, in how He creates the world with people with real free will to whom He gives the ability to choose freely to have this awe of Hashem to burn off natural elements from within the subconscious and unconscious mind in order to be able to become a greater system of reflecting Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy into the world.


With awe of Hashem and with emunah, cry out loud to Hashem that it is bitter to be trapped in this worldly matter, that happiness is learning Torah, praying to Hashem and emulating His Kindness and we ask Hashem to please help us to glue the tzelem elokim being drawn into a false promise of happiness back to learning Torah, praying to Hashem and emulating His Kindness


Part of this hisbodidus is to say what is terrifying or anger producing so that it can be broken down into the actual elements (water/taiva; fire/gaiva; wind/flightiness/speech/ruach; earth/sadness/malchus/sold vessel). For example, let’s say a person is feeling rejected or afraid of being rejected, here would be a way to talk out loud about it “redirecting the passion to avodas Hashem.” In other words, cry out with the intention of reclaiming the tzelem elokim that is being drawn to a desire tempting us with false messages ( false because happiness is learning Torah, praying to Hashem and emulating His Kindness). About where happiness lies. By repeating over and over with the natural feelings in mind, comparing to the actual truth that is learning Torah, praying to Hashem and emulating His Kindness, we begin to calm down:


Rejection, fear of abandonment, fear of anniliation. Repeat over and over until the swirling emotions are once again detached from the circumstances.


Then direct the passion to learning Torah, praying to Hashem and emulating His Kindness


If doubt creeps in about how this is going to help at all, repeat:

Doubt, doubt, fear of abandonment, fear of annihilation, fear of not being in control. Repeat over and over until the understanding that solidifying the image of autonomous separate existence causes us MORE suffering, because it subjects us to continuous doubts about Who is in charge of our survival. Our survival is in Hashem’s hands alone.


Ask Hashem to take the passion from the doubt and apply it to helping us keep a porous understanding of our image so that at all times our tzelem elokim is able to flow freely to Hashem without being blocked by a solidification of an image that is ultimately temporary, designed to give us free choice and the ability to take actions in accordance with halacha, but not really a contest for being able to control our survival ultimately.


With emunah that whatever happens is good because Hashem does only good, reorganize all the passions and re-directed sefira (kindness, strength, compassion, endurance, humility, bonding) to find something in Torah, a relief in praying to Hashem and a specific way to emulate His Kindness in that very moment and say Hashem Echad!

If what triggered the reaction had something to do with another person, realize that the other person may be confused and tell Hashem just as I am suffering in this moment from confusion of mind and calling out to You and I am so gratefull that You are helping me and not judging me or harshly punishing me for being temporarily confused and drawn toward bitterness, please may I emulate You and be patient and tolerant.




Please may I use all of this to drawn warmth, light, bracha and healing into the deep place where this struggle began, please may I bring Your attributes of mercy to the place inside of me that originally stumbled over these natural pitfalls so that I increase in that place tzelem elokim as what is natural, the new natural, so that I may draw Your Attributes of mercy into the animating soul over the natural reactions.



We have a real ability to heal ourselves by bringing subconsciously trapped parts of our tzelem elokim back into connection with conscious choice to learn Torah, pray to Hashem and emulate His Kindness. If we resist, it is because we believe that we are losing rather than gaining something by doing so.


Take a look at that deeply, because it is connected to subsconsious and unconscious natural reactions of resisting that have been with us in a good way helping us become adults.


However, when it comes to avodas Hashem,which is our first priority and hishtadlus before we act in time and space, we have to rely on our knowledge of Torah and our knowledge that all glory is Hashem. Above the way our autonomy appears in the natural world, the truth is that in every moment we are able acquire an increase in our happiness and potency as systems to reflect Him into the world when we make our autonomy porous and ourselves humble servants knowing that all success is up to Hashem.


From here, we can act.  The impact upon our animating soul is the goal. As we see the natural impediments lessen from our natural reactions, we begin to understand that the outside external world is a stimulation solely for us to rectify our characteristics and break our nature, then acting to reflect Hashem’s Torah and Middos into the world, experiencing the joy of being the vessel to reflect Him.

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