Human Life Has Value 11- What distinguishes the human mind? by R’ Yossi Kleinman

The following material is absolutely vital knowledge for every human being on planet Earth. The following is such a basic and simple principle that throughout human history it has never had the need to be written out and acknowledged due to  its extreme simplicity. Anyone who would have denied it would have been considered  nothing but a peril to society.  Yet perhaps it is important to state it in plain simple terms after all.


Man is created to refine his character. Human beings possess the rare ability to overcome their temptations and desires and to choose otherwise. This is one of the key differences between mankind and animals. Man is able to rise above his nature. All people who fool themselves into thinking that there is no Creator and we are merely a sophisticated monkey is not only making a foolish mistake, he is disgracing every human being, and he is denying himself the one opportunity to live the life he was created to live because we have real free will to choose to behave above our human nature. Is there a bigger tragedy than not realizing  that? Truly a pity.


This, however, is only one factor of the main difference between man and animal, and that main difference is the human mind. We are obviously not merely referring to the physical brain of a person, for animals have that as well. We are discussing man’s understanding and ability to formulate a thought, and to take an abstract concept and articulate it. Man is gifted with a tremendous gift called the human mind. You will never get such a gift ever again, so don’t ruin your mind with silliness, wickedness, or any other damaging negative ideas. Your thoughts and words have the ability to change you. You could think humbling thoughts or inspirational thoughts, but you must understand the tremendous importance your thoughts and mind contain. And every person who possesses this quality should be respected, even if a person is crippled and paralyzed from head to toe. He is still able to accomplish a tremendous feat, to thank Gd for all the goodness he gave him, whether health or wealth or children or even for the ability to relieve himself – for every thing he got during his life. Thinking such thoughts can help a person achieve new heights and one who articulates thoughts of gratitude will surely benefit tremendously from saying thank you Gd.


Even someone who corrupted his mind, and does not think these thoughts, and even someone whose mind no longer functions due to ill health must not be thought of as insignificant, Every little bit of suffering is in atonement for his tormented soul. Far be it for us to end someone’s life, to take away his suffering, that is purely for Gd, and Gd only, to decide. And even when a person is so weak and even if his mind is extremely limited, he is able repent in his mind for all the terrible things he committed and can rectify some of the evil that he brought into this world, even if he can’t fix it entirely. He can still fix a tremendous amount.


This is the importance of human life. There is nothing more precious and beloved than human life.


When we forget that and think we are monkeys, we must immediately realize that this is belittling to all of us. It is clear that such shallow thoughts are only the result of allowing our lustful desires to deceive us – the shallow thinking rationalizes our animalistic will desiring the pleasure of running after whatever is before our noses, to fulfill every single petty ego oriented desire that comes our way.

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