Human Life has Value 10 – Man has free choice until we corrupt ourselves to the point where we no longer see above our natural urges



marched to slavery


white behind bars slavery

After the Holocaust our security was set in the State of Israel, a homeland where we would have a military and a democratic government and be able to live in peace.


What we see is that the security of people falls into the hands of Hashem Alone.  He is the Only One with Power, real power.  It is a mistake to think that any military successes we have come from our efforts alone.  As we just saw, Hashem guided every missile thrust at Israel.  Hashem guided every moment to thwart the plan of our enemies to massacre thousands on Rosh Hashana and saw to it that their tunnel system was destroyed.


We must realize that as soon as we slip into the illusion of government, army, technology or any natural means as our salvation, we miss the greatest opportunity that we have.  In every moment, we can exercise real free will to attach all of our imagination and desire to serving Hashem.  Submitting to Hashem is not like giving in to a parent, or to a spouse, or a friend or a boss, where the groundrules of ego trigger i am right you are wrong, I win, you lose.  NO!  Hashem wants us to acquire with our free willed choice the greatest pleasure there is, to experience the joy of reflecting His glory into the world.  It is such a great joy that He wants us to earn it, because otherwise we will be ashamed to receive such a pleasure, for we would know that we had locked up our energy in ego minded and worldly pursuits, hunting after desires and honor and victory.


If we think ego pleasure is enjoyable, we also know it does not last.  we have a taste of something that gives us exhileration.  But it is only a portion of the joy we can experience when we willingly choose to forego the imaginative ego oriented pursuits that seem within our reach to orchestrate with power, with money, with strategy.  Those are creative skills but they do not produce the ultimate joy, which is to create an enlargement of our ability to feel pleasure that can contain the great and transcendant joy of reflecting Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy into the world.


Settling for ego victories, attaching determination to the power of hate and domination, keeps the material concealed in nature hidden and unable to be coupled back into Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy.  Our soul has the ability to use real free will and faith to force our imagination to glue itself to thinking of ways to connect only to Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy. That is a creative act based on absolute truth and awareness that there is a real pleasure mankind is created to experience.


We can fall to the lowest levels when we close off any intellect or awareness of Absolute Truth and the joy of reflecting His Glory into the world.  This world can be a world of kindness, peace, and respect when each person uses all their strength to creatively uplift imagination from being trapped in concepts of negative charges and bitterness and with free will and faith in Hashem choose to redirect imagination to whatever it takes to emulate Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy.  There is damage that we do each time we overlook the opportunity. But there is destruction each time we consciously run after actions that apply imagination toward animating natural destructive emotions such as hate, jealousy, fear, lusts and more.


The truth that our urges lie in our subconscious is not a defense. When we have a loving relationship with Hashem, we speak out our difficulties with Him and ask Him to please help us redirect the passions from where they are trapped to connecting us to His Attributes of Mercy.   it takes time to build the connections until they get strong, like muscles.  But just making the effort alone creates tremendous healing and benefit to the universe.  the default creates damage and openings for worse.


Each person needs to know that above us is One Power Who is watching to find out how will each of us choose?  To emulate and connect with Him and use our creative speech and will to fold the material of our nature into reflecting tzelem elokim and His glory into the world or not.   We must understand that as real as our identities and existences seem, they are not absolute truth.  Absolute truth is Hashem. All Glory is His.  And He is Mercy.  He desires to see how will we use the life force He entrusts to us.  He gives us complete freedom to have awe in Him and how He has created the world or not.  He gives us the power to receive the greatest pleasure there is, joining together the divinely created materials concealed in nature to strengthen and increase our joy in reflecting tzelem elokim, or to prevent that joining together by overlooking and falling deeply asleep in ego, negativity, hatred, and beastly instincts that we attach our will to nstead of to reflecting His 13 Attributes of Mercy.


We are vertical beings.  hashem is in charge of all success.  It is imperative that we unmask the truth, that the Shechina is in galus with our mistaken understanding of what we control. Be compassionate to your own soul and stop hating!  Uplift the fire with free will saying Hashem Echad and direct the imagination and passion with love in our hearts for the awesome way Hashem has given us to create an increase in our happiness by giving us an increase in ability to reflect Him and receive the true good.  He gives us real free choice, real free will, and a real alternative to true good – evil.   let’s choose life!  Stop hating!  there is no faith needed to advance hate! Hate is natural! Faith is needed to reorganize it in a creative act that makes a union with tzelem elokim to bring increase to our experience of joy and pleasure.  it is designed by Hashem who desires to give us this pleasure but wants us to earn it, to have it as an acquisition. the choice for peace and pleasure is ours.


May we all realize that the pouring in of evil is a message that our survival is in hashem’s Hands.  We control the key to continued civilization, which is emulating His 13 Attributes of Mercy over the natural urges.  Hatred, fighting, jealousy, conquering, labeling, fierceness – we have real free will.  We can force our imagination upwards to reflect His 13 Attributes of Mercy and in one second change the world.



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