For the safe and healthy return of Aharon ben Chulda, may he be rescued and restored in good health to his family

It is Rosh Chodesh Elul, Aharon Sofer’s 23rd birthday. He is missing, feared kidnapped. We cry with the parents, and we cry out to Hashem.  What can we do?  Tehillim yes.  Is there more, is there something we can do to create positive influence that he be found well and returned to his family, in joy?


Elul is about creating an arousal from below. Where have we trapped our tzelem elokim, Hashem’s first born Nishmas Am Yisrael, in the grips of instinct and imagination rooted in the coverings of taiva, unconscious and/or gaiva/subconscious thoughts? Where is our stubbornness gripping a sense of control, power or ego, happy to have the use of the life force Hashem gives to us, diverted for worldly goals that we believe are the source of happiness?


Hashem is in galus with the part of our tzelem elokim that we trap in the search for happiness in worldly matters. We want joy. Hashem wants to give us joy. But He gives us life force in our right pocket through tzelem elokim and life force in our left through our animalistic nature. To have the ultimate joy, we need the total sum of life force working together, not competing for which is right. But we keep it separate, we withhold submitting our imagination and ego because we want to be right,  to look good, feel incontrol or receive honor, etc. If we understand that submitting to Hashem is how we win, how we get the full joy out of life that He wants to give to us, we have the Torah we need to muster the free will to have compassion on the tzelem elokim trapped in our unconscious and/or subconscious. With emunah and yearning to uplift and connect imagination to Hashem’s 13 attributes of mercy, the only Glory there is, we can reorganize the life force trapped in the false traps of our animalistic nature from suffering to joy. We can have compassion on the Shechina in galus with us in the taivas and gaivas. And we can redirect passion to find the Torah and the personal prayer to, with love in our hearts, combine once again our tzelem elokim and glue it to His Service, reflecting His Glory into the world full force and experiencing the pleasure of body serving tzelem elokim.


Let us each find an area where we are ruminating, frustrated, upset, enraged, afraid, judgmental etc and think: “the goal of this negativity is to serve a sense of happiness stemming from worldly matters that my animal soul believes will bring me joy. Instead, I see that I have trapped the Shechina along with a part of my tzelem elokim in a matter that is not the source of true happiness, because true happiness is the experience of reflecting Hashem’s 13 attributes of mercy into the world. Hashem I do not wish to imprison tzelem elokim and the Shechina in this dark place that is bitter. I ask for the will power to pull the imagination from the false belief and with emunah reorganize the energy and glue the imagination to Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy, thereby returning Your Firstborn Child, tzelem elokim, to Your revealed glory and to my conscious choice to reflect into the world through speech and deeds emulating You.:


Please everyone, we can have compassion on the Shechina that suffers through our animalistic ruminating negative thoughts. We can return Hashem’s captive firstborn from the mask concealing it. If we feel afraid, tell Hashem I have compassion on You for keeping you trapped in unfounded fear. If we have anger, tell Hashem I wonder if You might be feeling angry that I am trapping a part of myself in an idea that is not serving You, please forgive me! In whatever language, communicate to Hashem the wish to have compassion for trapping Him in such lowly imagination that is attempting a goal that is not even true happiness! And may our releasing the Shechina from the imagination of the animalistic self create a merit that will help Aharon Sofer be found in good health and restored to his family today.

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