Hatred is natural and does not need faith to expand – faith reorganizes the elements of natural urges in order for us to reflect Hashem’s Love and Mercy instead of the natural urges

Emunah Love Hashem Know there is Hashem Shema Yisrael Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Echad Bitul Water Chesed
Bitachon Awe of Hashem No Other Power Baruch Shem Kavod Malchuso Leolam Voed Shifless/lowliness Fire Gevurah



Hashem breathes our soul into us. He utters all our characteristics. His chesed gives us everything, our life force and all our strengths and weaknesses to grow from. Just like a balloon being inflated, we are connected and we don’t lose ‘air’ because we are constantly connected.


As soon as He gives us a challenge though, our imagination from our animal soul begins scanning to defend us. Our sense of independent identity becomes activated in an emotional way and the stage is set for the challenge. How will we use our real free will? Will we advance the goals of the imagination based on the perspective of the animalistic side of us or will we use our free will to activate emunah and open all channels to reorganize our imagination and reactions to attach to chochma, to Torah, to tefilla and to our commitment to reflect Hashem into this world?


Our natural self-defense mechanisms send us a red alert and immediately we believe we have to take action because it is up to us to secure what it seems we are about to have taken from us, our money, our health, our lives, our happiness, our comfort, and on. Indeed these threats may be accurate and our perceptions are indeed sending us messages we need to look at. The question is, do we have the awareness in the moment to trust in Hashem? Do we yearn from emunah to submit with awe of Hashem and remember that we are being inflated by His Will alone even in this moment? Does that help us gain a perspective on our natural desire to defend ourselves with the lower perspective, thinking we can “clutch shut the neck of our balloon to keep the air in”?.


At the very moment of that free willed choice, we have a moment to create for ourselves greater blessing and good, to increase the life force and benefit coming to us by the resistance being posed by the circumstances.


Our self-defensive urge to do something to protect ourselves from hurt or damage is very instinctive and strong. When our tzelem elokim is trapped in the imagination of the animal soul and we do not have consciousness of Torah, it is natural that our emotions swirl.

swirling competing elements


Our self-defensive urges from the animal soul are energy and all energy has its Source in only one location, Hashem. Instead of solidifying the lack our perceptions are receiving regarding our independent existence and ability to protect ourselves, we can take  the mask of independent existence off of our reaction by remembering that happiness comes from reflecting Torah and Hashem’s attributes of mercy into the world.  We are able to  then  activate free will and emunah to reveal the hidden glory from the mask, reconnecting its energy to our ability to reflect Hashem’s Glory in a larger way into the world.  This is an infinite process so just being involved with the steps brings nourishment into the world.


At all times we are connected to Hashem and our imagination regarding our survival must not deviate from finding the Torah we need to act with and the words of personal prayer beseeching Hashem to help us continue to remain a system for reflecting His 13 Attributes of Mercy in the world.


Why do we want to be alive? For our own sake, or to be able to reflect Hashem into this world? Obviously we want both, but understanding that being alive is the opportunity to reflect Him into this world which is the greatest pleasure a person can experience in this world and the next gives us the backdrop for every scenario.   This world is a corridor where we reveal Him and we fix the parts of us that conceal Him. The goal is to develop ourselves in our true identity, a system of bitul and shifless, producing nourishment for the universe as we field our challenges with reflecting Hashem’s presence,hidden and revealed, into the world through free willed choice and the activation of emunah to reorganize lower urges and connect lower imagination to Absolute Truth.


One of the most natural emotions we have from a very young age is feeling hatred. Someone took our toy, hit us, and more. A child does not need any faith in Hashem in order to experience and believe the hate or jealousy or anger. It is quite natural. It is a belief that is natural and it expands and grows and persists quite on its own, inflamed by our lower imagination and inborn natural self-preserving thinking.


When a person experiences a challenge, we must do everything we can to steady our imagination, our bina, so that it does not detach from Absolute Truth, the chochma/ wisdom that our life force is coming from Hashem and is in His Hands and that this challenge is an opportunity to increase the system we are for reflecting His 13 Attributes of Mercy into the world. Bitul and shifless grow when we choose emunah to reorganize our animalistic passions including hatred and desires including lusts to remain connected to the Source of all Vitality, Hashem Who gives us what is good and continue to reflect His Attributes, and not lower urges or the radioactive firey self-defensive emotions the perception of lack generates, into the world.  We can reorganize our thinking. We can expose the falsehood of the animalistic imagination  trapping  glory in a mask of nature.  We can choose to NOT animate the animalistic imagination perceiving lack and devising negatively charged reactions to protect and defend itself.  We can redirect all imagination through emunah, faith, to find the Torah value, the prayer we need, in order to glue imagination only to the truth, that all there is in the world is Hashem Who is Kindness and Love, so that we may add and combine together the energy from our tzelem elokim boosted by the rescued tzelem elokim previously trapped in the mask of nature over us. We can become a greater moon  to emulate Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy into the world.


Baseless hatred was the cause of the destruction of the Temple. Hatred cannot be a tenet of faith because faith, emunah, is the power of the soul to reorganize the glory concealed by the mask of nature, hate, and instead redirect it back towards reflecting Hashem’s 13 Attribute of Mercy, revealing that glory in our speech and deeds. Hatred does not need faith or emunah. It grows all by itself. It does not need emunah. Thus if hatred is a principle of one’s beliefs, it is, by definition, competing against our emunah, our faith.


With our free willed choice, we remove the mask of the image  that we created whose sense of lack triggered our hatred.  We then permit the happiness and the Shechina that had been trapped in the mask of the image WE created which generated the  hatred to be once again expressed in the form of true happiness – to reconnect and strengthen our ability to be fuller moons, reflecting in our speech and deeds revealed good, through mitzvahs, prayer, Torah values and kindness.


May we be able to take all the areas where we have hatred, no  matter how well-justified they may seem in the images that man;s natural being creates, and instead use our soulful power of emunah, faith, to reorganize all the natural elements to remove falsehoods and instead connect all imagination to glue to reflecting only Absolute Truth, Torah principles, and lovingkindness and mercy into the world. through speech and deeds.



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