Recognizing we live in a spiritual ecosystem, how can we transform our natural responses including fear and anger?

When we stop ourselves from doing the wrong thing and instead act in a kindly way, even if the stopping itself is the kindness and no visible action is made, we create an opening in the world for kindness to come in. With the effort we made to block bringing something cruel in, we made room for the possibility of kindness.


When we act according to our natural urges, no matter how right it may seem to us, inevitably we are causing a destruction of some kind if we are not following Torah principles. We bring a destruction into the world that once here, comes back upon us. We may or may not understand how something sad that happens to us is related back to something we did.


The idea of a spiritual ecosystem and the role of people in it is crucial. People are a tzelem elokim placed in a body to cover it over. The skin that we are in can become translucent to reveal Hashem’s 13 attributes of mercy, or it can become so callous that we walk around in confusion and bitterness, suffering and not understanding that our own conduct can appeal to Hashem, the only One Who can lift us out of the suffering.


It is not hard to understand the basics of the psychology of human nature. It may be complex, ugly at times, but the basic taivas/desires and gaivas/ego/arrogance and how to provoke them are documented. The ability to trick and deceive a person grows with the knowledge of human nature and what the deceiver can get away with because it is below the surface of what is provable in a court of law. This is why proving guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt is the standard for justice. Without being able to prove something beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is always the possibility that what we believe about someone is not true.


It becomes apparent how the imagination of people, unless tied to absolute truth, can cause emotional arguments that appeal to the core emotions of others. Before we become involved in joining forces with any group, we check out its values, its agenda, its core beliefs. Yet even when we do this, there is no way to truly know what is in the hearts and minds of other people. We learn this from seeing how sociopaths are able to gain trust of people and then commit their crimes…those who use the rules of society to appear within and a part of the society but whose hidden agenda is their own often deceive those around them, victimizing them or causing them to join a group that hopes to sway their opinion eventually to the hidden agenda.


It is for all of history that the Jewish people have suffered from being hated, ostracized, killed, expelled, beaten, and more. It seems natural that the Jewish people are here to be hated. Almost a fact of the natural order of things. Every time a terrible crime is committed against us, the sense that the cruel thing done is somehow right or just creates in the spiritual ecosystem of the world an opening for such terrible crimes to come into the world in a more general way. The Jewish people are only the yellow canary for those who wish to bring evil and destruction into the world.


And people are afraid to die, so people go along with those wielding the cruelty.


But that is not the purpose of the cruelty or the hatred of the Jewish People.


The purpose of the cruelty is for each individual to decide if they wish to serve Absolute Truth or not. All it took in Europe for the destruction of lives was for good people to turn their heads. This is the horror of what we are seeing now. It seems so complicated, so overwhelming. That is because we don’t understand the simple within reach goal that every person can in one second accomplish – to tell the One Power that we believe in Him and wish to emulate Him and bring His Kindness into the world.


The world looks like a huge wide horizontal area in time and space. Yet people are vertical. Our souls are rooted in the heavens and we hover over the world in order for our minds and hearts to be tested on where we will lend our life force, our thoughts, our speech and our deeds.


Choose life. Tell the One Power that you wish to reflect His Kindness into the world. Tell the One Power that no matter what thoughts are raging in our heads, no matter how upset, angry, afraid, hurt, judgmental or lacking we may feel, we know He is Good and is All Good and wish to direct our passion upward with faith in prayer to secure our hearts and align our actions and deeds with tolerating insults, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of the confusion of mind that exists because of having eaten from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, forgiving everyone, and casting sins into the sea. We choose to be Your Partner, consciously overriding our subconscious and natural urges with Your Help, in order to free Your Light masked in our reactions. Please give us access to that light in the form of being able to reflect Your mercy in the world, for reflecting Your mercy into time and space through speech and deed is the greatest pleasure a person can experience.


To those who terrify us, it stirs up our subconscious and unconscious reactions tremendously. We can grab the mask over Hashem’s light off! Do so!! Tell Hashem we wish to free His Light from the captivity of our fears and angers and pain!! Ask Him to please give it into our hand instead to reflect Him into the world.


And let’s see if we can beseech the One Power to create spiritual order again in answer to the effort involved in uplifting our natural urges through these personal prayers.


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