We have real free will – let’s use it to make an arousal from below that triumphs tzelem elokim over natural urges

People have real free will.


It is completely up to people if we will conduct ourselves based on the awe in how The Creator has made the world.


We have free will to choose to have faith and trust in the role He has given to us to do, which is what we say in the Shema,


The first two commandments are to Know there is Hashem and that there is no other Power. When we say Hashem is One, we combine what strengths Hashem has sent into this world through His Thoughts – our tzelem elokim, with what strengths Hashem has sent into this world through His Utterances – our bodies, our personalities, our circumstances. This combining through speaking Hashem is One creates a wind in the universe that is the unique role of people to nourish the universe. Creating this wind stands as our testimony that we have the faith and trust to use free will consistent with Torah. Doing so is the arousal from below that we wish to generate in Elul


When all our old programming tapes, bad habits, patterns, self-referencing instincts are singing Red Alert in our minds, it is possible to turn our eyes upwards in faithfulness and say Hashem Echad, fulfilling a different purpose and a greater purpose from the circumstances presenting themselves, and that purpose is to be committed to reflecting Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy through our actions and speech.


By opening in personal prayer our relationship with The Creator based on our emunah and bitachon in His Oneness, we give voice and expression to the eternal part of us, the tzelem elokim. Our soul comes to this world covered in a body in order to have the opportunity to receive reward for remembering to use the power of will to direct our passion with the added fuel of what natural reactions we have to rise above and steer the unified strength back to the absolute truth of His Oneness.


We have real free will. Let’s begin making an effort, for the process alone creates the arousal from below.  Women are invited to join a daily workgroup for the 30 days of Elul www.arousalfrombelow.com


See also Rabbi Doniel Katz  http://www.torahanytime.com/audio/now-raise-up-your-life-yaakov-versus-esav-perception-vs-reality-and-seeing-god-in-everything-part-1-3/


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