How does emunah create order and prevent entropy/disorder?

Entropy is a law of nature in which everything slowly goes into disorder


The entropy of an object is a measure of the amount of information it takes to know the complete

state of that object, atom by atom


Entropy is a measure of unpredictability of information content.


Entropy is a measure of uncertainty. The higher the entropy of an object, the more uncertain we are about the states of the atoms making up that object because there are more states to decide from

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The biggest obstacle that the light of our tzelem elokim encounters by being covered over by a body is our ego. While intellect and ego are important and necessary to life, there is an inherent difference between absolute truth and subjective truth.


The more we attempt to have subjective truth prevail and be honored over absolute truth, the more we move toward disorder. Absolute Truth is that all the world is filled with the Glory of Hashem alone. There is no other glory. Hashem glorifies us by making Him in His Image so that He can relate to His Attributes within a being that has free willed choice to not have awe in Hashem or even deny His Absolute Truth. When we make the mistake of listening to the natural urges that we experience in our subjective realities without remembering that we have an important function to perform in the maintenance of the Creation, we increase the forces leading to disorder. The important function we have to perform in the maintenance of the Creation is to remember to love Hashem, have awe of Hashem, walk in His Ways, and have emunah. In this way, the energy that would otherwise become trapped in subjective reality and uncertainty is reduced and instead flows upward with passion for Torah and tefilla and devotion to maintain the state of being of reflecting Hashem into this world.


Now from our subjective reality, within “the skin of the snake”, it feels as though our very lives are being sacrificed. It flies in the face of all our logic, intellect, ego-goals, desires and self-preserving instincts to, when triggered with life-threatening matters and survival challenges, to remember that our survival is in Hashem’s Hands. Our first hishtadlus is prayer and taking actions that reflect His Attributes and Torah into the world. By so doing, we permit the flow of tzelem elokim that is being sent into our lives to be expressed and directed to Hashem Who is the source of all vitality, the object of all passion, and the Only Power. There is no hishtadlus we can do to change the decree if there is one against us outside of Torah, mitzvahs and emulating His attributes of mercy. Those are very broad categories, but they are urgently important, for we are here to serve Hashem.


Thus when we find ourselves in a low state, angry, afraid, judgmental, arrogant, ego-oriented, if we think we are in a high powered position, the laws of entropy come to tell us otherwise. The more subjectively directed our life force is, the more information we need to give to others to explain our conduct. The more uncertainty in the minds of others, the more we are moving toward disorder and destruction.


It is inherent in being alive that we have confusion of mind. We are not privy to much of what is going on in the world. This is to protect our souls from information overload. Yet how are we to function to do our best hishtadlus without the true facts we need? The only solution is to rely on Hashem and THAT is the point of all this confusion and upside down world. If we follow the natural intellect and ego-oriented solutions of dealing with the subjective competing forces declaring themselves to be good and right, we get sucked into the vortex of disorder and destruction.


Emunah in Hashem becomes the simple faith we need to keep order – Hashem is One. As soon as we say that, our intellect says “doormat!!” “fool!!” “are you crazy?” but that is just proof of how important it is to bring all that energy from subjective reality to absolute truth.


There is nothing in the world other than the glory of Hashem. He will give us insight on how He wishes us to conduct ourselves. But we MUST give up the illusion of thinking we can find out more, that we can keep ourselves from being deceived, destroyed, abandoned or annihilated by anything or anyone other than Hashem. When we remember this crucial truth, order is restored, calm no matter the circumstances surrounds us, and we are connected to Hashem through our free willed choice to have awe in how He has created the world and given us the task of maintaining order over disorder by choosing emunah, love of Hashem, awe of Hashem, and to walk in His Ways.


This is ein od milvado consciousness but it is broken down to the free will points along the way. the more familiar we are with leaping over the grand canyons of doubt that present themselves when we pry our imagination away from the direction that intellect and logic would have us go out of self-preserving instincts, the easier and more pleasurable it is because we come to experience a pleasure of connection that far outweighs the pleasure we are initially hoping to be given. And then, after earning that pleasure, Hashem is totally real and if it is good for us, can also give us the pleasure that we lacked and stumbled over and transcended in creating order out of potential disorder.


May our efforts to cling to Hashem and reflect Absolute Truth, His Attributes of Mercy, and our efforts to have emunah that our survival is determined by Him Alone in times that are so frightening, where we see the subjective truth “I am right respect ME and my values” being asserted with murder, rape, destruction, violence and more, emit a light so pleasing to Hashem that He bring peace and healing to all the world on the basis of the love of Hashem and trust in Hashem that those who fear Him bring into their choices by submitting our subjective realities and setting them aside in preference for Torah, mitzvahs, middos and unifying and sanctifying Hashem’s Name.



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Entropy is a law of nature in which everything slowly goes into disorder. The entropy of an object is a measure of the amount of information it takes to know the complete state of that object, atom by atom. The entropy is also a measure of the number of possible arrangements the atoms in a system can have. In this sense, entropy is a measure of uncertainty. The higher the entropy of an object, the more uncertain we are about the states of the atoms making up that object because there are more states to decide from.

Information entropy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Information Entropy is a concept from information theory. It tells how much information there is in an event. In general, the more uncertain or random the event is, the more information it will contain. The concept of information entropy was created by a mathematician. He was named Claude Elwood Shannon.

Example Let’s look at an example. If someone is told something they already know, the information they get is very small. It will be pointless for them to be told something they already know. This information would have very low entropy.

If they were told about something they knew little about, they would get much new information. This information would be very valuable to them. They would learn something. This information would have high entropy.

Entropy is a measure of unpredictability of information content. To get an informal, intuitive understanding of the connection between these three English terms, consider the example of a poll on some political issue. Usually, such polls happen because the outcome of the poll isn’t already known. In other words, the outcome of the poll is relatively unpredictable, and actually performing the poll and learning the results gives some new information; these are just different ways of saying that the entropy of the poll results is large. Now, consider the case that the same poll is performed a second time shortly after the first poll. Since the result of the first poll is already known, the outcome of the second poll can be predicted well and the results should not contain much new information; in this case the entropy of the second poll results is small.

Now consider the example of a coin toss. When the coin is fair, that is, when the probability of heads is the same as the probability of tails, then the entropy of the coin toss is as high as it could be. This is because there is no way to predict the outcome of the coin toss ahead of time—the best we can do is predict that the coin will come up heads, and our prediction will be correct with probability 1/2. Such a coin toss has one bit of entropy since there are two possible outcomes that occur with equal probability, and learning the actual outcome contains one bit of information. Contrarily, a coin toss with a coin that has two heads and no tails has zero entropy since the coin will always come up heads, and the outcome can be predicted perfectly.

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