Human Life has Value 6 – the logical mind that plays on confusion of where survival comes from may be trying to protect us but is pulling us into destruction instead – but we have real free will!

Being alive means that there is an inherent confusion of mind, an inability to not know. This is why there is life insurance and health insurance, to secure as much as possible the uncertainties of daily life. The human confusion of mind and inability to know what really lies ahead is easy to understand – the confusion of this world affects the Stock Market and every planning board or government agency.


Let’s look for a moment at confusion of mind, uncertainty. We can be quite certain of our opinions, we can make a definite plan, we can even follow through with our plan with professional and well-thought out tools with which we have been successful in the past. This is, in fact, what education is for, to help us make an order out of life to achieve goals to implement our vision.


We accept without questioning what we can and cannot do in professional settings. We have education and then there is whatever happens. Surely we see this in the field of medicine, where all the training that doctors have contributes to saving life but ultimately there are boundaries on how much doctors are given access to help.


The idea of looking into that confusion would cause us to feel weak, powerless, depressed and small. Thus all of society is built on doing to the highest degree what we are able to do. What we must understand is that Hashem Himself loves our efforts and awards success to them. By ourselves even the areas of our education and best crafted tools would be no contest for the forces of confusion and devolution that would pull us into the vortex of destruction if we were not inherently part of Hashem’s will for us to exist and benefit from His Good.


Is there anyone who does not see how limited our minds are and how easily confounded we are? Why would we blame each other for confusion of mind when we all suffer from it? We must ask ourselves, why would we concretize with words and deeds the forces drawing us into the darkness of the vortex of destruction thinking that the darkness is the light, the solution? In truth, when we live so close to the vortex of the whirlpool drawing us into the vortex of destruction, we are no longer in touch with the reality of the calm seas that are life-giving and peaceful.


Yet the darkness can be turned into light, but not by investing talent and goals to it. Darkness becomes light when the mask over the light is taken off, meaning that there is an inherent understanding of the falsehood of the darkness and that appealing to the light behind it will lift us out of it. How bitter does it feel to say I don’t know, I don’t have all the answers, but Hashem knows what is going on and He is good and does good? It is bitter because it gives us the sense of being helpless, it seems to define us as victims to the bold ones that exhibit might in their domination and conquering.


Whatever effort we need to make in order to solve the problem, the very first crucial step is to say I don’t know, I don’t have all the answers, but Hashem knows what is going on and He is good and does good. When we then talk to Him in prayer, sharing the frustration with the way nature is affecting us, we are in fact speaking to the Source Who is the Only One and Who CAN actually help in a moment – if our emunah is total and our belief beyond any doubts. We can add to our prayer I don’t know, I don’t have all the answers, but Hashem knows what is going on and He is good and does good and please help me rise above any doubts about that by taking the strength of those doubts and adding it to the potential of light that I am privileged to reflect of Your Glory into the world. Once we have properly aligned our existence to serving Hashem in this way, we are in a frame of mind to consider solutions.


We all understand the inherent confusion and inability to now that is part of being alive. We all know what it means to be tricked and taken advantage of. We all know that the experience of being tricked and taken advantage of leaves us with angry frustrated feelings. Yet silently when we see the deceit that tricked us, we are drawn closer and closer to that vortex, admiring its strength, considering how we can work that power into our lives in a way that will benefit the world. However clever we assume that is in holding us afloat and out of its tentacles and reach, electing to adopt the power of the forces drawing us toward the vortex of destruction IS our destruction. Therein is the most important choice we have – are we going to attach tzelem elokim to serve Hashem or to help us reach goals that ultimately put the crown on our head?


We all need love, value and kindness. Systems and societies that mistreat others need close examination. Whether the system is given a label that confuses us, such as what we are seeing with the rape of the women and children, who are sold into slavery, helps us to see the inherent dangers of living with perception of externalities as something that can bring us to a place of truth. It is only with understanding the very basic foundation of man, that we are limited in what we know and are here to have a relationship with Hashem to help us reflect His Kindness and Mercy into this world, that we begin to find our important role in creating nourishment for the universe.


Hashem has many ways of making His Will known. Yet the basis of Judaism is that He tolerates our mistakes and sins, and forgives. Why? Because we are not here to gratify Hashem’s ego interests in seeing His Will done! We are here so that He can have a relationship with Him so that He can give us eternal good, which is the joy and pleasure of being near to His Glory with our tzelem elokim.


When we stew against others, it is like a premeditated criminal act – in our thoughts and hopefully not farther with speech or deeds, we stew with damaging judgmental thinking, designed to damage to hurt people and to provoke a response. Such stewing can be stopped by realizing its messages do not bring us to happiness, bring us love, or give us value. Acting out the false righteousness of these kinds of thoughts actually damages our ability to protect ourselves and have our voices heard while keeping everyone safe.


Yet every label hurled at us, every voiced downgrading, shaming word, strikes us in the area of doubting ourselves so that the tzelem elokim becomes drawn to natural goals and thereby into the whirlpool of destruction – lower imagination that traps the tzelem elokim in its thinking that the tzelem elokim must connect with the emotions of survival being generated by the outward attacks is the grip we need to make more translucent. This is the behira point, our actual point of free will, where emunah must be so strongly willed that we can accomplish in the moment the service Hashem wants from us – to have awe of Hashem and be willing to trust in His Detailed supervision despite the apparent grief and loss that our logical mind is trying to protect us from by playing upon our confusion of mind.


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