Human Life has value 4 – love, awe and faith process and heal and each of us has our unique role in this

We experience the love of our parents and teachers. As a child, we feel that love and it nurtures us.


When we grow up, that experience of receiving love comes from the Source of all. It is unconditional. By the very reality of being alive, love is coming to us, sustaining us, giving life and sustenance. The purpose of our existence is twofold – to bring the positive talents being given to us into time and space and to repair and uplift something from time and space that only we have the key to unlock and release its potency for positive influence. Through the use of free willed choice, with love for Hashem and with awe for what happens when the life force He sends to us gets sidetracked by roadblocks of ego, and with total faith that all there is in the world is Hashem and that there is no other Source of any power whatsoever, we fulfill everything that He expects of us.


We all enjoy the feeling of being loved. And we are. So what blocks it?


We cower like a bruised animal because of misconceptions about our identity that were formed when we had only a child’s understanding of what was happening around us. These imprints that formed when our brains were like wet cement remain with us. This is how Hashem sets for us what we will be projecting onto every moment of time, the current canvas upon which we expect to see the image that we believe is who we are. The thought in our mind becomes the film that our life force passes through and we perceive it everywhere on the screen of life that is really only a mirror of this very thought.


Very often, what we see is extremely potent. And painful or depressing, anxiety ridden or anger producing.   The potency is proof of how powerful and immense the life force that is given to us is, and more so, if that is our portion, how great is the Source of that life force, animating every person along with everything in the universe? This is awe of Hashem.


When we are in the dark of our lower feelings, we are very far from feeling the love from Hashem we all want to experience, the light and delight of being small and beloved. When we are committed to knowing that there is only One, we can call out to Him and complain, why am I so distant that I cannot feel You? Knowing that it is only a matter that our life force became stuck in a whirlpool of self-consideration, what is it that will compel us to release our grip that is keeping us from experiencing that light and delight?


What in the world would help us open the grip of our will? How can we rise above the mood to consider that the mood is the impact that the thought we projected onto the canvas of the moment is reflecting itself back through our moment by moment experience of emotions? What do we have to do in order to release the strength from the imprint in our mind so that it no longer is an obstacle but rather becomes a boost to our ability to experience light, love and delight?


This process demonstrates the value of human life. We are here exactly to do this spiritual work of utilizing the investment of life force given to us in order to distill from nature and soar for healing something that only a being in a body in time and space can release through free willed choice out of love, awe and faith in the Source of all.

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