Resolving taiva and gaiva – bitul and shifless (humility) are the result

The effort we put into removing the impurities of taiva off of the element of water restores us to bitul, to desiring only what is good in Hashem’s eyes, and to reflecting His Good into the world


The effort we put into removing the impurities of gaiva off the element of fire restores us to lowliness/shifless, to a passion only for Torah and tefilla in order to connect in devekus by uplifting the passion to serve Him.


The flow of life force through us creates a constant ability for the efforts of bitulling taiva and uplifting passion through shifless to create positive influence.


This is our functioning as nishmas am yisrael. Only while we are alive and struggling with the natural challenges of being in the kelipas do we have the standing to be able to exert influence by resolving desires and uplifting passion.

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