Identify with tzelem elokim as true identity – join us in learning Tomer Devorah

Our primary function is to reflect hashem’s middos harachamim into the world no matter what, making a kiddush Hashem


Our primary identity is tzelem elokim, the part of us that is made in the image of His Middos Harachamim and that is inseparable at all times from Him for all eternity. The tzelem elokim experiences happiness when learning Torah, emulating Hashem, living with emunah and bitachon, giving love and value knowing survival is in Hashem’s Hands. :Likewise the tzelem elokim experiences bitterness when it is far away from Hashem, when it is not able to fulfill its desire to serve Hashem.


While we have life the nearness of our body, our ego and the world of time and space appear to be the sources for our sensing pleasure and happiness. Often the feelings of happiness and bitterness inherent to the tzelem elokim get caught up in worldly matters and create confusion for us, because very often we don’t really feel happy when we reach goals in time and space and if we do, it is short lived. Because our bodies don’t sense the happiness being experienced by the tzelem elokim as it experiences the pleasure of touching Hashem’s Perfection as it transmits His attributes into the world, we see worldly goals as viable alternatives for attaining happiness. The more we buy into the practical sources of happiness that seem readily available, the more confusion we have in the moment about who we are, what we are here for and how to serve Hashem. Somehow, serving Hashem must be seen as pleasure, positive, the best choice in every regard.


In truth, when we are open to expanding our hearts to include the intellect attainable from Torah, there are answers. Not only are there answers, but we do our unique tikun, create unity, and shut down the yetzer hara’s natural subconscious entry into our deeds by comprehending where our minds can be strengthened to make choices in favor of tzelem elokim, seeing that as the real, true pleasure with clarity.


Please join us for 13 days of learning Tomer Devorah with hisbodidus cards to internalize how to emulate each of Hashem’s thirteen attributes of mercy . Send an email to  . we begin Thursday August 7 at 8 AM eastern. Mp3 recording and playback will be available.

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