Reversing the consequence of having eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil – free choice to bitul and glue identity to tzelem elokim

Identifying with the impurities on the elements is how the yetzer hara tackles us. we are literally where our thoughts are. When we notice something disempowering and submit to Hashem, it is with the express intention of identifying with our role as part of Nishmas Am Yisrael to elevate the part of our soul that is being held there by our will.Yes, it is our will for whatever it believes is true, that is literally kidnapping part of us and labeling it as something we are lacking that we need for happiness.

The details of what our will is saying and what imaginations we are using to validate that corrupted will do not require much investigation, because the will that is constricting our happiness is hard-wired to draw us through imagination into unproductive behaviors. In that moment we have a tremendous choice, and that choice is to remember that the revisiting of the negativity is NOT the solution. Rather the release of the will from identifying with that negativity as US is the first step of the solution.

We are our choice to identify with our effort to open whatever potency we have been carrying in our concealed places – open it by letting go of our willfulness to pursue it has identity or happiness. Once opened, say Hashem Echad, please help me use all my will and the emotions that are trapped in something crooked only to take my next step in serving Hashem. Then turn to do a mitzvah, say tehillim, give charity, do a chesed, learn, or whatever expression you decide to do to reflect Hashem’s goodness into the world.

This is important for everyone. While we need to be able to identify where our negativity is, we don’t need to identify WITH the negativity as us. Nor can we get to the bottom of it because it is an infinite path of the yetzer hara’s logic, imagination based on false premises of the reality of “ME.” It is, in essence, our built in terror tunnel that Hashem instilled within Adom after Adom ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Instead, make the sense of “Me” more transparent, bitul ourselves, return to temimus, turn to the absolute truth that all Glory is Hashem’s, that Hashem is all good, and that what defines my esteem is effort to reflect that good and His glory into the world through my speech and deeds.

By doing so, we create in our heart a real sincere place, an internal true home in our hearts, for Hashem’s Glory to be housed. By closing the ability of the yetzer hara to travel through the terror tunnel to reach our speech and deeds, we submit our “me” back to being translucent and less concealing, and that allows tzelem elokim and Hashem’s Glory to be revealed.

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