Rosh Chodesh Av – the Yahrtzeit of Aharon HaCohen

Please see Hakheil bulletin below regarding the yahrtzeit of Aharon HaCohen.  Aharon was running to make peace between people. the people mourned him greatly.


There is always a sunny day, albeit above the clouds. No matter what the weather, the biggest hurricane, tornadoes, clouds, thunder, above it all shines the sun, peaceful and light.


What takes us out of the world is lack. We attach meaning to it regarding our ego goals and esteem and we build imagination upon it, thus creating amazing whirlwinds within us that generate too often destructive words and deeds. Lack. Ego self-referencing interpretation. Imagination. Those three thoughts occur in a split subconscious second that we may or not be fully in touch with.


When we are in an emotionally negative place, hold it in front of us…see where do I feel lack, what ego self-referencing is being frustrated, and how am I using imagination. Say the words lack, ego, imagination over and over again as the facts fill in the blanks. Feel the discord inside dissipate as we begin to gain perspective on this natural feedback. Lack, ego, imagination. Recognize it. It is a deceiver. Why? The sun is shiniing above this! There is no lack, only a mask over the good Hashem is sending, clouds. He wants us to sort it out. Let the strength of the “bones” of this structure shed itself of the falsehood, of the me orientation. We have to scrub it off, like burnt food on a treif pot. Once the treif pot is cleaned off, we can bring it to the mikvah and use it for kadosh. By declaring Hashem Echad, we engender rav chesed.


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Hakheil bulletin reports:

One of the rare dates mentioned in the Torah (actually mentioned in last week’s Parasha!) is today’s date, the first day of Av.   What happened on this date?  It is the day of the petira, the passing, of Aharon HaKohen.  Chazal teach that the Ananei Kavod, the protective clouds of Glory, which surrounded us in the desert (and will once again surround us in the future) were in the Zechus of Aharon HaKohen (see Rashi on Bamidbar 33:40).  Once the Ananei Kavod left us, the initial reaction of the outside world was to attack us, as is described in the Torah there (Bamidbar 33:40).  What did Aharon HaKohen do for which he merited the protective clouds both for himself and for the rest of Bnei Yisrael?  We may suggest the following:  The Mishna in Avos ( 1:12 ) teaches that he was an Oheiv Shalom V’Rodef Shalom- that he loved peace and pursued it.  The Middah K’Neged Middah–the measure for measure reward becomes very evident.  Because Aharon made peace among people, he merited peace being brought upon all of Klal Yisrael with the Clouds of Glory.


Indeed, Hillel in the aforementioned Mishna, enjoins us all to “be among Aharon’s students” in this regard–to learn the value of peace among brothers.  In a letter once issued by HaRav Elyashiv, Z’tl, and yblch’t HaRav Shteinman, Shlita, in the past they especially asked that we be very careful in these perilous times “not to fall prey to the opposite of Gemilas Chasodim” which is to cause pain or suffering to your friend.  They pointed out that in the generation of the wicked king Achav, Bnei Yisrael were victorious over their enemies because there was no Machlokes, no strife, among brothers.  The Gedolim therefore requested that we were to be “me’od mishtadel”–that we put in greater effort at this time to make peace among ourselves.


PRACTICAL SUGGESTION:  It is essential that we take the lessons of Aharon HaKohen, as specifically reiterated by Rav Elyashiv and Rav Shteinman, very much to heart.  We may even posit that the petira of Aharon HaKohen comes out at the beginning of the Nine Days to remind us that if we could rid ourselves of machlokes, of causing pain to others, and recognize the need quite to the contrary to love and pursue peace between and among ourselves, we can go a long way in bringing immediate and long lasting Yeshuos.  Let us at the very least focus on one or two people over the next few days and try to promote a peaceful or more peaceful relationship with them.  Peace brings peace, for as Dovid HaMelech teaches in Tehillim (121:5)–”Hashem is Your Shadow.”


Additional Note:  The Torah records that the outside world (Amaleikim) attacked Bnei Yisrael after Aharon’s Petira.  Some suggest that the reason the date of the first of Av is mentioned in the Torah is because the Amaleikim attacked because they knew that it was the month of Av, and they believed that our Mazel would not be good and they would be successful.  We know that the opposite occurred as the Bnei Yisrael vanquished them in battle, although the enemy had originally taken one maidservant captive.  This is truly a message to us.  Although many terrible events have happened in Av in the past (as evidenced by the taking of the maidservant), ultimately and forever thereafter we will vanquish our enemies (including the Amaleikim!) even, and perhaps all the more so, in the month of Av–may it be this year! Indeed, the Ben Ish Chai explains that one of the reasons that our month is called “Av” is because it will be the Av, the Father, of a new joyous period which will commence in Av, and continue for a long period thereafter.  May it commence this Av!



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