Destroying the yetzer hara’s access to our speech and deeds – how to disrupt and bring to the side of good our inner terror tunnels

Hashem’s goodness fills the world. There is nothing in the world BUT His Goodness. Yet it is masked. Covered over by the appearance of objects and people and nature that He utters into existence. The essence of all is His Glory. Yet the perceptions we have cause us to interact based on what is visible rather than what is concealed.

What is the most concealed from us is the true identity we have as being made in Hashem’s Image, that our essence is tzelem elokim, inseparable from His Attributes of Mercy. Instead we relate to ourselves and others as beings in time and space, which we are. Yet if we identify with the “me” as who we are, we are inherently building on something that is not absolutely true. The existence of a sense of “me” is afforded to us only so that we can have free will. If His Truth were not concealed, there would be no sense of “me.” That is why His Truth IS concealed, to give us the opportunity to have yiras shemayim, to do the work of removing the mask over nature, and to conduct ourselves with ein od milvado consciousness.

In order to do so, we have to do battle with the greatest “terror tunnel” there is – and that is the yetzer hara that has been hardwired into us after Adom’s sin. Ultimately, the purpose is good- that we should do battle with it so that Hashem’s revealed good can flow through our hearts and fill the world not just in concealment but in a revealed way, through our speech and deeds.

Lack, ego-oriented viewpoints, imagination. Lack, ego-oriented viewpoints, imagination. This is our built in terror tunnel. Some would say this is the hope of the world, to improve the world. However, it is the way that evil flows into the world if we do not remove the impurities from the elements that trigger our sense of lack that in turn naturally orders our intellect to immediately serve our ego-oriented viewpoints with the greatest imagination we can. Imagination that does not serve absolute truth is going to have imperfections and untruths that cause damage. It is incumbent upon us to see the powerful skeleton of what conceals Hashem’s good – lack, ego-oriented viewpoints, imagination- clean off the distortions so that the elements water, fire wind and earth shine His Revealed Good alone, and then bring the vessel to the mikvah and dedicate it to reflecting rav chesed into the world, a chesed strengthened by our efforts and free willed choice to fulfill the first commandment that there is Hashem and to declare Hashem Echad.

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