The function of choice and free will – Hashem’s design to Nishmas Am Yisrael a role in His Supervision of the World

Intravenous fluids can help when a person is dehydrated. Flowing fluids through the system rehydrates and impacts the whole body.   Tzelem elokim prevailing in directing the heart helps create positive influence in the world as we rectify our unrefined character traits. Choices to emulate Hashem and effort to bring into the world speech and actions cleaned of self-referencing biases define the basis for real esteem.


We can understand the real power given to mankind – choice and free will. Yet those powers are not man’s powers. It is imperative to realize that the ability to choose is given by Hashem and He creates the world with the concealment of His Oneness so that we can choose to have awe of Hashem rather than just having awe of Hashem be obvious as it is for the angels.


Adom had to daven for rain in order for the world to experience the rain needed for plant and all life. Hashem desires an arousal from below. He desires that we say TATI and use the Gd given powers of choice and free will to daven and to speak what it is that we need.


Hashem has been showing us open miracles for 18 days of missile strikes and ground invasion of Gaza. His Presence and Hand are palpable. He loves us. The chesed and tefillos and achdus that is flowing forth from Am Yisrael is giving Hashem back His Klal Yisrael.


Nishmas Am Yisrael has the role of lifting this fallen world to the concealed world through the simple use of speech. When we cry out and ask Hashem to please lead us in the path we want to go, which is to use all the strengths that He bestows upon us to reveal His Glory, what we mean is that we wish to stop doing what we are doing that blocks His glory from being seen in the world. In order to really do that, we need Moshiach because until then, we have free will which means Hashem is concealed and we are under the rule of the yetzer hara. But we can do battle.


During the three weeks, the unconscious, the subconscious and our instincts which are not under our direct control provide resistance and we exert ourselves to understand the loss of Shlomo’s Temple, where Hashem’s presence was palpable and present. There has been now almost 36 days of achdus, 18 days of davening for the three murdered teens and now 18 days of missiles and military action. In four days is Rosh Chodesh Av.


May we continue to build achdus, create positive influence, and cry out to Tati in prayer with cries that pierce the heavens in teshuva to our role as Nishmas Am Yisrael – the real basis for esteem – and may that 40th day bring a new light in the world if not sooner.

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