Rav Moshe Weinberger on the Three Weeks – 8 Part Series

8 Shiurim found in Davening During The Three Weeks Entering into 9 B’Av in the proper way. Based on a Kuntres of Rav Tzvi Meir Zilberberg (Sichos Hischaskus, Cheilek D’varim, Erev Shabbos Chason, 5759), Rav Weinberger teaches us that we must work on a practical level to improve our davening (prayer) especially during the 3 weeks between 17 Tamuz and 9 B’Av. What is it that we need to think about, and how we can empathize with other Jews during their times of tzarah (trouble and sorrow).

A PDF copy of the kuntres (we have permission to reproduce) can be found with each shiur.


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