Teshuva within the format of submission separation and sweetening -an example, a toolbox

Here is an example of a teshuva written out . It is intended as a guide for what may be whispered in verbal introspection inserting the private details of the individual’s bitterness.

We are doing this teshuva naase v’nisma because the learning behind it is a cross-pollenation from many branches of Torah True Judaism. Reading through the words on the sheets themselves just with intention form positive influence and can help us when we are in the moment.

May our intention to release confusing emotions gripped with a subconscious will by saying Hashem Echad, thereby using the power Hashem has put into speech, serve as an arousal from below for which Nishmas Am Yisrael is designed – to be the neck connecting earthly forces with the heavens, the mechanism Hashem has designed in order for a flow of blessings from Hashem to fill our mental space so that what we reveal is the tikun for which we have come to repair in this world.

Please help us identify specifically where in our lower will we see distortions in the elements of water fire wind and earth that mask the revelation of Hashem’s Glory. Please help us rectify the elements with our free choice and in so doing release “the mother bird – the Shechina that had been trapped by the masking which the lower will latches onto as true but is pluralistic and not the primary source of all”, may all forces once again become part of the direct flow of Hashem’s revealed good. May “the eggs –- the animating light that is the strength of the will itself that bonds with the mask concealing Hashem-“ be harnessed by love of Hashem to connect the light into Hashem is One in order that we grow in our capacity to reflect into the world the light of love and value Hashem sends through tzelem elokim.

The ultimate goal is that revealing Hashem’s Glory as the pleasure in the moment becomes the pleasure that we naturally seek, that it is more and more naturally in our consciousness to reveal His Glory over the subjective pleasures of the animal soul and ego – including all experientially internalized yet external coping mechanisms, fears, triggered confusions, programming, traumas, and wrong ideas developed over time that we cling to but that trap the Shechina in galus with our suffering.

Over time, just saying these words with intention will help us expand a sense of identity to a context of relationship with Hashem and our primary role as Nishmas Am Yisrael that will give us more emunah and bitachon to release reliance on where we are stuck in challenges within thought and emotion, the concealed world, and say Hashem Echad to create an arousal from below that folds the energy that was existing in exile within those experientially internalized externalities back into the revealed world to reflect Hashem’s rav chesed.:


Submission: Hashem, I am experiencing a bitterness (discord, any negativity – bitterness is the soul’s experience of distance from Hashem)

Kavana: Within my subconscious or unconscious or basic human nature is a reaction that is keeping happiness and pleasure busy instead with radioactive/firey defensive or aggressive self-referencing thoughts. It is bitter, resentful, anger producing, terrifying, upsetting to feel so far away from receiving the love and value Hashem is sending right now [say out loud what triggered it and the emotion and open relationship with Hashem – cry out, it is bitter]. .

I do not wish to follow so reactively whatever naturally comes to mind! Please I turn to You with love in my heart to sift and discard what is blocking the experience of good in this moment. I have identified happiness and pleasure available as being diminished by circumstances that have triggered this reaction. [describe the circumstances] Instead I turn to You realizing that this discord has as its Source You and that there is something You desire for me to fix within my nature. Therefore I submit to Your Oneness in order to either rectify a bad characteristic or to redirect the strength from what is masking Your Glory from being revealed in the elements/sefiros of water/chesed, fire/gevurah, wind/tiferes and earth/ malchus. May the strength of what is masking the good dissolve from the circumstances and instead soar on the wings of love in my heart for Hashem to connect with the strength of Your revealed good.

Kavana: Knowing there is Hashem Who is good is the context – [tell Hashem “I wish to be seen by You as accepting the role of Nishmas Am Yisrael, using free willed choice and speech, the powers You bestow upon us, and may the words Hashem Echad serve as the conduit through which heaven and earth are able to merit receiving Your Revealed Glory together with previously concealed and now revealed Glory. Help me to expand the sense of identity that is naturally in consciousness to realize that his effort to make a repair and create positive influence IS the basis of esteem, not with the matter being confessed]


Separation:. Blessed is the Name of Your Glorious Kingdom Forever and Ever – Hashem is One – Hashem Echad.

Kavana: There is amazing light trapped within this matter, albeit stirred up from the subconscious, the unconscious, the defense mechanisms, the survival instincts, the bodily urges, the ego desires that define the unique personality and human nature You have designed for my effort and growth. By bringing to mind that the context of this matter is the awesome design that You Alone Create the world and with knowing that everything that happens is from You, is just, and for the good, I ask that with the words Hashem Echad, that You please move so that I may have more control to direct that light from nature uttered by You and concealing You to instead reveal Your Glory. Help me wipe off the impurities so that instead what shines in the elements/sefiros of water/chesed, fire/gevurah, wind/tiferes and earth/malchus is a revelation of Your Glory, a revealed good.

Whatever nature or human nature is covering over and blocking the experience of revealing Your Glory, please dissolve its strength into nutrients that with love in my heart for Hashem can be joined with Your Revealed Good. Please help me wipe off the impurities of imagination that is connecting to subjective taivas and gaivas and help me glue imagination to Your Attributes of Mercy so that revealing Your Glory flows without impurities through my heart. I only want to be who You want me to be!  I want to be part of creating positive influence for the elements that are filled with Your Glory. The whole world is filled with Your Glory. By free willed choice and with the words Hashem Echad, may I please bring about the strengthening of Hashem’s revealed Glory in the world, a power You have given to Nishmas Am Yisrael to do, to elevate this fallen world. Help me to dissolve the strength of what is concealing You so that through the words Hashem Echad the strength is available to reveal Your Glory in the way You intended for Your Glory to be revealed in an enhanced way by Nishmas Am Yisrael uttering Hashem Echad.

Kavana: I realize that built into subconscious and unconscious reactions is human nature, and all nature is under the domain of the Soton! Please Hashem, give me free will over this area of human nature that is influencing emotion and thought through the unconscious, the subconscious, instincts, or animal soul motivations. The natural elements water, fire, wind and air are subject to Your Angel and without Your help whatever is being triggered is like a magnet automatically operating within the mind with suggestions and reactions and impulses and desires toward aveiras, hating others, bearing a grudge, feeling resentful, judging, taking revenge and more. With love in my heart for Hashem please help me function as You created us to, with free will and speech, to reprocess the strength of what is concealing Your Good into revealed Good.

[Describe the dissonance in the experience and what the challenges are]. I regret that I have fallen into the grips of these thoughts and emotions and all that I may have generated in speech and action by default. Please help me see for the sole purpose of wiping off the impurities coming through the influence of nature on the elements within me of water, fire, wind and earth and because I ask with free willed choice, please may I instead direct the potency of the impurities that come through a nearer nature to help solidify the light  revealing Your Glory through speech and deed. That is my free willed choice, please help! And may any destructive beings that I am responsible for, by virtue of this teshuva, come to the side of merit for having taught me so that all of the light is now available in the elements revealing Your Glory.

Kavana : There is no glory other than Hashem. There is no good other than Torah. Hashem is One and by virtue of stating that, please dissolve the magnetic draw pulling downward with false promises of happiness, pleasure, value or esteem and please bring that force back as a magnetic draw to strengthen resolve to learn Torah, emulate Your Attributes of Mercy, and live with emunah and bitachon, giving love and value knowing survival is in Hashem’s Hands. This is real pleasure and happiness and is the pleasure Hashem desires to give us. Please help me broaden capacity to receive the love, value and pleasure You desire to give us so that I may reflect it through my heart into the world.

Just as we desire to correct our vision to 20/20 with glasses, so too please now help me confess, regret, apologize, make a plan for the future and do teshuva to rectify characteristics and to reveal the elements within aligned with the goals of tzelem elokim to serve to reveal Hashem’s Glory in the world.

[removing impurities from water/expanding what we need to with chesed] Please Hashem help with bending whatever the unbounded desires  are [state them] to the truth that the Source of all Vitality is You, and may the desire only for what is good in Your eyes draw me so that happiness and pleasure are derived from divine dignity, Torah, emulating Hashem and living with faith and trust. Help me let go of impurities in taiva blocking  the pleasure that Hashem designs for our essence so that I become a vessel capable of receiving the higher truer pleasure of devekus Hashem desires to give us. I am never abandoned in Your eyes and may this correction repair Adom’s sin that caused us to be thrown out of Gan Eden.

[removing impurities from fire/stopping what we need to with gevurah] Please Hashem help with burning out lower levels of expression of volatile radioactive subjective urges including anger, anxiety, arrogance and more (goals related to self-referencing of the ego, of happiness trapped in time and space and worldly affairs) in order that passion be directed for Torah and in tefilla declaring Hashem Echad.  I am never annihilated in Your Eyes and may this correction repair Adom’s sin that caused us to be made mortal.

[removing impurities from wind/ restoring compassion through speech with boundaries and goals based on Torah and Truth ] Please Hashem through the words Hashem Echad, may the desire bound by knowing that You are the Source of all vitality Who Gives what is Good and only Good subdue radioactive arrogant responses so that together what forms is warmth and light that is beneficial and that reveals Your Glory. May our words which we say freely release the strength You desire to be reunited with You to create positive influence and shower brachas.


[removing impurities from earth/malchus becoming a solid vessel to reveal Hashem’s Glory] Hashem I direct the confusing bitter charge [i.e. the roots of potential for happiness and pleasure trapped in reactions of human nature and subconscious] be released [name them and identify them in as much detail as possible out loud]. Please help me confess and do teshuva and redirect in order to wipe off the impurities and falsehoods trapping light in the charge, and please move the strength of the charge to cling to revealing Your Glory, for there is no glory other than Hashem. Hashem Is One.

Kavana: With love my heart please forgive us for ever thinking there is any Glory other than Hashem and help me draw deeply into the desert of the subconscious place a healing so that revealing Hashem’s Glory flows naturally through mind and heart. Please help straighten out whatever is in the deepest recesses of thought and emotion with Your Will so that thought and speech reveal divine dignity, as the moon reflects the sun.

Humbly the effort to triumph tzelem elokim over the animal soul completed, at least for the moment, may the understanding of the experience of Your Presence as it was in Shlomo’s Temple that is lacking in the world because of the destruction seep into consciousness, that I feel a touch of how beneficial it would be to once again have Your Glory revealed. May this help me bring tears of sadness and longing for Your Glory readily to heart in every moment so that consciousness would stand ready to choose speech and deed that would help You to be revealed again in the world, true happiness and pleasure.

Sweetening: Please help me reflect love and value that You constantly send to us. Please help me reflect Your Glory through speech and deed, and may Your revealed good fill the elements water, fire, wind and earth without impurities of human nature so that Your Glory may be seen in the world.

Hashem may will, thought, emotion, speech and deed reveal Your Glory, tolerating insults, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of the discomfort of mind that happened when we ingested from the tree of good and evil causing experientially internalized externalities to appear in our mind as “me”, please forgive us for ever thinking there is any glory other than You, and please cast all our sins into the sea. Please may this teshuva that adds light that through free willed choice has been brought from human nature and dissolved into revealing Hashem’s Glory through the statement Hashem is One  be a merit for Klal Yisrael.

May this merit for Klal Yisrael help that our generation should be meritorious for redemption b’ahava.

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  2. shulikleinman Post author

    In response to the question:
    what if we are not experiencing anger or resentment, what is the avoda of the three weeks?

    Work on genuinely re-wiring happiness and pleasure to learning Torah, emulating Hashem and living with emunah and bitachon. This is an infinite path. The subsconscious and unconscious mind is under Esav, covering over until Moshiach comes keser chochma and bina. Everything we can do to do battle to break happiness and pleasure free and dissolve that strength from masked nature into revealing Hashem’s glory helps the unmasked elements of nature be infused with Hashem’s revealed good. We want our natural reaction in seeking happiness and pleasure to become revealing His Glory.

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  4. Naomi Bhatia

    Shuli Thank you! Thank you! You should be g’benched for this beautiful work as well as all your other material that you share!!


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