Bracha Gemach – Teshuva that removes our nature so as to reveal His Glory

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When we are compelled by our human nature, very often we conduct ourselves in a manner that is designed to achieve our personal goals.  This is normal, every day human life.


Yet we also have a capacity to rise above in order to conduct ourselves in a manner that serves Hashem in an altruistic way.  This is a moment of holiness.  When we do have these moments of transcending our nature out of love for Hashem in service to Hashem for His Sake alone, what we reveal in our actions reveals His Glory – the love and value that is coming to us in every moment.  It also removes something from our nature, dissolving something, rectifying our unrefined characteristics in the process, whittling away at the mask over nature as we take steps towards ein od milvado consciousness.


We can “donate” our unrefined characteristics and by revealing Hashem’s Glory not only rectify ourselves but we also create merits for the Jewish people.  The Jewish people are one soul, and whatever we rectify in regard to our unrefined characteristics affects in a good way everyone, raising the amount of Hashem’s Glory that is revealed in the world and aiding everyone to a higher level from which people may have more choice at their own free will points to rectify their unrefined characteristics and in turn reveal Hashem’s Glory.

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call in numbers 8 AM and 10 PM Eastern:  712 775 7085  code 171698   712 775 7089 playback code 171698

July 13, 2014 night:

July 14, 2014 morning

July 14, 2014 night

July 15, 2014 morning

July 15, 2014 night

July 16, 2014 morning – includes sharing

July 16. 2014 night   Eastern

July 17, 2014 morning

At this writing there is military action with ground troops.  if you have any bitterness, anger, resentment and the like within you toward anyone, please consider doing the teshuva below now to create positive influences for fire:


Please Hashem I feel the bitterness of resentment toward… (or anger, or judgment, etc.) I am calling out to You!  The path these bitter feelings are leading me by default are unpleasant, there is no love to be gained from it and there is no value to my eternity for pursuing this.    Wherever the trigger is coming from is Sourced ultimately in You for my growth, although it may have come through the animal soul that has impurities!


I wish to remove the impurities causing bitterness yet I ask to keep the strength involved in order to fold that strength into the element of fire that can serve to reveal Your Glory as follows:


to a revealed good use of fire that produces warmth and light and protection for our soldiers and for Israel


to nullify the weapons that fire upon us so that enemy fire has no ability to harm any Jew


to fire that destroys only what needs to be destroyed for the elimination of the threat to Israel




Please Hashem by virtue of this teshuva regarding the element of fire, may I strengthen within my heart and mind awe of Hashem to recognize when to repeat this teshuva in the moment, repairing unrefined characteristics with which to add to a rectified capacity to serve You and reveal Your Glory.  May I develop an ever-deepening ability and passion to reveal Your Glory through rectified expressions of the element of fire and receive the experience of true pleasure, real love and eternal value.

July 17, 2014 night

July 18, 2014 morning


Please listen to Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen on Kol HaLashon after the ground invasion and downing of the Malaysian Flight 17 plane

July 18, 2014 erev Shabbos you can please listen and use the sheet before Shabbos,  teshuva today, for the first week of the three weeks, before Shabbos, might really help us in our efforts to break through to identity as divine dignity, tzelem elokim and to our ability to reveal His Glory in the moment.Please if you experience the calmness and clarity that these three steps are designed for, please don’t dismiss it.  Please understand it is the sound of being in touch with the side of us that is so covered over.  Please we want to yearn for this, to experience the pleasures that we are designed for, and seeking this true pleasure is the best way to have more consciousness and make choices when life is coming at us.

July 20, 2014  I used  this morning already and it really helped me notice what the mistake in my thinking was that was causing me to feel so sad – what is important to realize is that the process of doing this creates positive influence while we are doing our tikun.  There is no blame or shame in having tikun to do.  Having tikun to do is a sign we are alive BH with a subconscious, unconscious and ego which will all be true until Moshiach comes and our thought processes become clarified – but we won’t have free will then.  we have it now and that is the benefit of doing this work now.  And the positive influence we create in the process is the goal. We Nishmas Am Yisrael bring the lower K of Hashem’s Name yud k vav k closer to unifying with the upper K each time.  We will use it on this morning’s call

July 20, 2014 3 PM extra teshuva    After the recording ended, we did the teshuva, very moving, to help strengthen emunah for the current situation.

July 20, 2014 pm  Thank you for the discussion! it is so clarifying for everyone!

July 21. 2014 am

July 21, 2014 PM

July 22, 2014 am

The teshuva sheet we are reading from is a cross-pollination of Torah True Judaism and within it are the four steps of teshuva but the context in which we are doing that teshuva is a teshuva that returns us to our primary functioning as Nishmas Am Yisrael. By virtue of saying Hashem Echad, that effort takes what is static in the world and through our prayers “adds strength” to the world. Just for saying the statements that we say, we create positive influence through functioning in our primary role of nishmas am yisrael. That is the key. The hishtadlus regarding Nishmas Am Yisrael is to create an arousal from below of love with emunah, faith. The specific hishtadlus is to find that deep switch regarding where we associate happiness and pleasure and to deeply reconnect happiness and pleasure to emulating Hashem’s Attributes Mercy.  Once we use free choice with emunah and love of Hashem to align happiness and pleasure with the reality that His Glory fills all the world and is the sole Source for all pleasure, then we are empowered to visit our unique tikun, how the warring inclinations within us are to be resolved with the four steps of teshuva.

Especially at times of national suffering such as now, remembering our role as Nishmas Am Yisrael and our functioning create positive influence by removing the mask of nature from what conceals Hashem’s Glory from being seen  is of the utmost importance and is the context in which we are growing as we rectify our unrectified characteristics.

Rabbi Zibersteiin sent around 5 steps for dealing with the missiles in Israel.  In chutzla a’retz, his third suggestion is really the main thing for us.  In it Rabbi Zilberstein  gives us a segula to nullify all harsh judgments.  “You are just in all that happens as Your ways are Emes but I am the one who strayed”  In the teshuva sheet we are using, this corresponds to the work we do in the section separation where we remove impurities, the specific impurities from nature so that Hashem’s Glory that fills all the worlds is visible.

July 22, 2014 night

July 23, 2014 morning  I want to thank everyone for participating on these calls…today’s call is an hour long but the participation and interchange speak for themselves.

May our efforts be the arousal from below in prayer and teshuva that Hashem is waiting for to bestow the arousal from above with all the blessings intended for the Jewish People as stated in Torah.

May our efforts to clean off our individual impurities benefit klal yisrael because are all one Nishmas Am Yisrael


May our increasing awareness of the empowerment that Hashem gives to Nishmas Am Yisrael through speech and davening help us have a new relationship with our suffering and challenges based on an expanded understanding of our identity as well as our esteem as effort to use tefilla and speech in this way


May the tremendous awareness we are gaining to bend and glue happiness and pleasure to emulating Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy, tolerating insult, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of confusion of mind, forgiving, and casting sins into the sea, become a merit for all klal yisrael as triumphing tzelem elokim over the animal soul and growing in the ability to see happines and pleasure in our consciousness as stemming from tzelem elokim in lieu of worldly concerns.

July 24, 2014 PM

July 25, 2014 AM  Thank you for the discussion. Although this class is an hour long, the discussion and questions really are worth listening to.

July 25, 2014 erev Shabbos

July 27, 2014 AM

Hear Rabbi Lazer Brody speak about emunah and the elements

July 27, 2014 PM  Thank you for the discussion after the recording – the coverings over us are two, taiva and gaiva.

July 28, 2014 AM  It could be this is the clearest  so far…please give me feedback

July 28, 2014 PM

July 29, 2014 AM

July 29, 2014 PM

July 30, 2014 AM

July 30, 2014 PM

July 31, 2014 AM  detailed example

After this morning’s call, i had to go through a round of battling with the darkness of my will being very caught up on my own glory. Perhaps it was the next step in finding what I need to find in order to serve Hashem with deeper sincerity, in finding what I had to wash off that is masking His Good, I think so, but sometimes we can trip and fall in the mud. When our will has been telling us that this is “who we are” for a long time, it is meritorious that we take immediate steps so that such messages become less credible.  BH the three quick steps of submitting, remembering all is good, telling Hashem that with the concealed energy and the will that was holding it I wish now to use the will to serve Him and then turning to a mitzvah, Hashem restored a sense of calm and inner quiet.That is a return to true identity, tzelem elokim inseparable from Hashem who is good.  Above the clouds it is always a sunny day!!!!!  The article below is important to making sure we don’t get kidnapped by the darkness.

july 31, 2014 PM

Aug 1,2014 AM

Aug 3, 2014 am

Aug 3, 2014 pm

Moshiach is not a spectator sport – if we don’t like what we are seeing in the world, we actually have access to make a positive impact on the elements of nature in the world that affect everything and that access is through our own unique human nature. In exploring the confusion generated within us from the experience of lack, of ego goals, and imagination applied to that, we can find where our lower will has been influenced by our human nature. With free will and speech we can “reset” the elements of nature as we experience them in our human nature, in teshuva.  We are designed to do this.  Our effort to do so is our esteem. Just as a liver cleans out impurities yet is not those impurities, so too, our free will and speech can do teshuva for what blocks us from reflecting true good into the world.


Below are the guided teshuvas from Sunday Aug 3 at night and Monday Aug 4 in the morning.  May these help!

Summary of the work we did for the three weeks of the guided teshuva:


What you are experiencing is showing you something tremendous about yourself.  the amazing strength is YOUR tzelem elokim.
When a coin is in an empty box, it rattles and makes noise.
When tzelem elokim is trapped in something untrue, meaning ego-goals, it causes us anxiety.
How can we affect nature?  Nature is Hashem’s realm?
We have the power of speech and we have free willed choice.
We can tell Hashem, this strength that is rattling around in bitterness is amazing light. Please I wish to use this strength and all my strength to reflect Your goodness into the world.  Please move this light and give it into my hand and lead me in the direction I wish to go which is to serve You with all my heart, all my soul and all my might.
tolerating insults, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of confusion of mind, forgiving and casting sins into the sea, living with emunah and bitachon, giving love and value, knowing our survival is in Your Hands alone.

In this way we begin the journey of tikun to shine light into a world of confusion and darkness. just making the effort creates positive influence.  it is a loving and gentle journey.  Hashem loves us!!!  He wants us to be able to experience the pleasure of His Presence when He is revealed in the world. Let us work now to triumph tzelem elokim over the natural urges.

Please join us on our continued daily journey for 13 days into Tomer Devorah with hisbodidus suggestions

Below is a summary of insights from the Tomer Devorah readings.  We are headed into elul.

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  1. Thank you for providing all the call links in one place for us here, Shuli. It’s a big help to me, since the call times make it necessary for me to listen to the recordings. And I like to be able to pay attention to them to get the spiritual value, so it’s great to be able to choose the best time to listen and pray.

    1. I think it is actually better for people to listen from the website than try to “multi-task” and listen to the call and do the teshuva. This way they can pause the recording, replay, or check the written materials. Thanks Mia for the feedback and may each of us dissolve what we need to in order to reveal His Glory

  2. Shuli! Amazing.. doing this teshuva has brought me to a place of calmness, safety and expansion. For a few moments my vision was 20/20… this is important and effective work! Thank you thank you!!!

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