Hating hatred takes place on a playing field of expanded consciousness

The playing field for hating hatred is overseen by Hashem Who calls foul every goal other than those reached by the nefesh Elokus, the tzelem elokim alone, to serve Him, Every goal becomes one where the tzelem elokim succeeds in prevailing over the nefesh behama, the natural soul. It is a constant struggle. In one second, the natural soul can flip into action. We need good awareness of our entire being, our natural inclinations, our ego, an understanding of how the yetzer hara can dominate through our subconscious, Torah, commitment and kavana for avoda in tefillos and mitzvahs and acts of kindness. What will change our hearts? How will we grow to find happiness from serving Torah when our happiness appears to be tied far more closely to comfort, safety, and enjoyment of health and living?


Most important is to realize that finding happiness in serving Hashem is the best investment of our trust and energy. We along with everyone and everything we enjoy and love comes from One Source. Only Hashem. There is no other Source. It is incredible to contemplate how many layers of the world there are and yet what we are experiencing here on the ground floor, with all its wonder and appearance of separate existence, is something that by our choosing to serve Hashem we infuse and solidify, filling it with His Glory. Hashem thinks up the world and speaks it into existence and through our following Torah, our choices permit the flow needed for His Glory to be visible. How? When we rise above our challenges, and others see it, we are showing people His Hand. Should we succumb to the natural, the cynical, the hateful, the doubting and behave from there, we cover up Hashem’s ability to be seen and cause damage, chas v’shalom.


Hating hatred means we accept a playing field where joy and happiness are due to the tzelem elokim prevailing in our choices and being revealed in our actions and speech and deeds. The love of Hashem and awe of Hashem that helps us to accept that playing field soon begins to flow through our hearts more naturally, because we become aware of the greater quality and availability and control we have over that pleasure.


May the light we shine help us to reveal Hashem’s Glory and may we be zocheh to redemption b’ahava.

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