Baseless Hatred is hatred based on nothingness – we can redirect our energies in pursuits that actually bring happiness

The Second Temple was destroyed because of sinas chinum, baseless hatred.  Chazal tell us that in any generation that the Temple is not rebuilt, it is as if we destroy it with our baseless hatred.
The pursuit of solutions to incredibly challenging politics is frustrating – it is from Hashem.  Why are we faced with messages that our very existence in Israel is the source of pain?  When Avraham was told that he and Sara would have a child, Avraham said to Hashem that according to his abilities to read the stars, it did not seem possible.  Hashem told Avraham that He is the Source and the angels, who administer nations, were overruled.  Since the beginning of time, the Jewish people exist in a natural world that challenges our existence, our right to exist.  We continue to be here because Hashem is the Source. Not for any other reason. He Alone provides for our protection and continuation.  Despite all the tragedies and human history, the Jewish people are still here, Baruch Hashem.  We are very crusted over with stronger and stronger membranes of self-protective “homeland security” defense systems.  But the Torah is preserved in its original form, as given at Har Sinai. Somehow, we have managed to pass on the mesorah from one generation to the next, keeping Torah intact.  Torah is the absolute only way for us to transcend the apparent realities of the tests and trials of this world.  And understanding a basic principle of Torah, which is that Hashem is the Source of all, He is One, and connection to Torah and to emulating Hashem is the work we do in order to experience happiness is the truth that we need to submit to today.
The goal is to end baseless hatred. We only hate because we can’t latch onto happiness in serving Hashem, so that inner yearning for happiness gets captivated by our imagination that whispers to us false culprits to blame for our dissatisfactions and we hate them.  Surely we can see that even Torah permitted leniencies in dealing with those who trigger our tests are not the ikar of the Torah in what Hashem wants from us.  The Source for all vitality is Hashem.  Hashem wants our imagination and hearts to serve Him, not our egos, not our systems, but His Will according to our role of Nishmas Am Yisrael.
When we recognize that it is He Who is withholding something from us and that it is for our good so that our souls can once again feel happiness, real happiness, we do teshuva and internally realign our desires with His Will. Then, we can turn the fire of our anger, our fear, our outrage, and hate our hatred and burn out that lower level, have compassion on Hashem for being stuck for all these thousands of years waiting patiently for us to seek to discover the happiness in serving Him.  In the moment of clarity that follows, we can ask Hashem to please accept our teshuva as a merit for klal yisrael and to please send us brachas and protection and redemption.  The words we speak bring the seed of rachamim that is our essence through the physical being of our mouths that exist because Hashem utters the world into existence and with the love of Hashem in our heart and the awe of Hashem in our understanding that our existence is on many planes, a spiritual entity is formed that leads us in the path we desire to go.
May the tragedy of the loss of these young men help all of us hate hatred and discover the root of happiness. May each time we triumph the struggle of who to serve with serving Hashem be a merit and a source of happiness that we begin to experience not only in our soul but in our existence in time and space as well.  And may the light we are able to bring through our speech and deeds lead to a new light.

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