Amnesty for Achdus – Something we can do to hate hatred and repair sinas chinam


If there is someone Jewish in our lives who we feel negatively towards for any reason, valid or invalid, consider amnesty for achdus.


Without our realizing it, when we hold negative feelings toward someone, what we are really doing is holding that person responsible for our lack of happiness. According to Torah, it is fundamentally impossible for any person to be responsible for our lack of happiness. There is only one Source, Hashem, for absolutely everything. Even if we do not understand how it could possibly be that our unhappiness is not truly being caused by another Jew, we can all find a way to see that everything is from Hashem Who suffers with us.


What we are asking is that as an act of compassion on Hashem Who is willing to suffer with us in our bitter feelings, please free the energy tied up there and with free willed choice, re-dedicate it towards a mitzvah of the Torah, something that serves Hashem that you can do each time that bitterness tries to surface. Why? Happiness comes from serving Hashem. Bitterness is a rumble strip reminding us that our soul seeking happiness has become captive by worldly affairs. If we consciously have in mind to do a mitzvah with that energy each time it surfaces, slowly we will see a real change in our happiness. By glueing ourselves to Hashem and to Torah, especially over natural negative urges, we build real achdus and give Hashem back Klal Yisrael.


Amnesty for Achdus:


  1. Have in mind a bitter feeling towards a Jew, currently or from your past
  2. Cry out to Hashem that we are sorry to have kept the Shechina trapped in that bitterness and wish instead now to re-direct that energy to a mitzvah of the Torah
  3. Ask Hashem to please help us re-direct the energy with love in our heart for Hashem being so patient with us in our confusion of mind, mistaking happiness as something that could ever come from anyone other than Hashem, and awe of Hashem that He has been willing to submit Himself for so long just to give us this opportunity to choose to realize that all there is in the world is Hashem
  4. Ask Hashem to please heal our unconscious and subconscious ( inner elements of water, fire, wind and earth) with our effort to emulate His attribute of bearing the burden of the confusion of mind we all suffer from, and ask that we draw deeply into our unconscious mind love and awe of Hashem to replace the falsehoods which feel like our very lives themselves but that are only garments we now wish to remove so that tzelem elokim can shine.

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