Bitterness is just a rumble strip to remind us to adjust our thinking

A beautiful understanding to bring into our hearts is that we are inseparable from Hashem.

Hashem sends us into a world where He is concealed yet embedded within us is unconscious awareness of Him.

Our mouth with its ability to speak is a precious treasure. Through speech we can do the work of identifying the confusion and nullifying what blocks us from the experience of devekus.

We have within the higher soul an ability to heal the elements water fire air and earth that we bitul.  We can bring into our consciousness from the unconscious Hashem’s characteristics because we are inseparable and here on the mission He has sent us.  Like bone marrow transplant, we can infuse His Glory into the natural world elements through our prayers and hisbodidus redirecting energy from the beria spoken into existence by Hashem with our pleadings out loud while yearning to reveal His Glory.

The vibration we create through our effort to do so is the basis of our esteem. There is only Hashem albeit He is hidden from sight. But He is not hidden from our sincere verbal hunt for Him, to find the place of truth that we know we are inseparable.

May our searching for Him create light that will free the captives, the three boys and all of us who need further devekus with Hashem our Father .

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