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Realize that our bitterness is because it is not possible to find within time and space what we need to be happy without bringing Hashem into the picture


When we come into the world, we are quite aware of the change in circumstances. We go from being totally nurtured without the need to communicate to being in a world where we depend on imperfect parents for our lives to continue. Babies cry and get angry, Hashem why did you send me away, so deep into this world? When the soul is sent into this world it is told to be righteous and not wicked, meaning that the layers over us, which are important in order to be able to exist in this lower world, conceal the reality that the only Being in the world is Hashem Who is the Source of our life, our eternity, and our happiness and survival.



Realize that Hashem wants us to speak in relationship with Him even though we cannot detect Him easily


When Adom and Chava were one form, they knew the other’s thoughts. Hashem decided that is was not good for Adom to be alone and He separated them. Now they became two and had to speak to each other to communicate.


Hashem is the giver and Nishmas Am Yisrael is the receiver. Bringing what Hashem desires in time and space requires us to comprehend a great deal about our existence. Hashem wants to be revealed through our speech and deeds so that He can be seen in time and space. We are here to receive from Hashem, but the category of what He desires to give us is a far greater pleasure and a more eternal joy than the desires that we see based on a time and space picture, a picture of survival that includes every day concerns such as health, money, a sense of productivity and more. While these basic needs are important, our success with reaching these goals is in Hashem’s Hands. Thus our effort to attain them must include Him in the picture as the Source.


The most important insight is to understand how everything that seems like our lives, e.g. our bodies, our egos, our homes, our environment, have many qualities that we are familiar with, more familiar even than the tzelem elokim within us, is nothing more than a garment. Understanding that what we believe is natural is really only a garment can help us attain true happiness and put an end to hatred, bitterness, jealousy, and fear!.


Through our existence, through our pain, we have the opportunity to recognize that by viewing everything as good, we have a perspective that can bring the energy animating all the pain into service of Hashem. Because we experience a suffering, we have standing to bring bracha through that very channel, when we identify our esteem based on our effort to reveal Hashem’s glory. When we identify our esteem with goals to release the Shechina that suffers patiently in our suffering, we complete something that only we can do, which is to acknowledge with love in our hearts that Hashem Is One. He alone is the Source Who does only what is just and good in a two world picture. Accepting this dimension, which Torah teaches us, realigns us with Hashem’s thoughts. Our anger or bitterness is merely a roadsign reminding us that our happiness in serving Hashem has been trapped by worldly concerns and it is for us to do a repair, to speak to Hashem that He is One, with consciousness, emunah, and purpose in freeing what energy we have trapped so that it can open a channel to bring blessing instead.



Continuing in relationship with Hashem, to draw the energy through our hearts and souls to bring it into our speech and deeds in a revealed way. Using our unique talents and gifts from Hashem, we are able to reveal His Attributes, tolerating insult, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of the confusion of mind we all have, forgiving and casting sins into the sea. When we choose actions that reveal His Attributes, we literally are giving Hashem a place to operate from within our hearts. This fulfills His Purpose for creating the world, to be seen in time and space, and He gives us eternal life and we experience the great pleasure, happiness in serving Hashem, in its true form.


Try it!!!

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